Oct 12, 2020
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The star of “Capercaillie” Victoria Tarasova complained about the telephone maniac who organized the persecution against her

10:55, 12.10.

The actress had to change her number due to incessant calls.

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The 49-year-old star of the series "Capercaillie" Victoria Tarasova did not have a year. In the summer, unloading a truck with tomatoes in a sponsored orphanage, the actress tore a tendon. The artist was tormented by severe pain for several months, which is why she constantly had to take medications. In August, she underwent surgery under general anesthesia, which lasted two and a half hours. The surgical intervention was successful, however, after it, four holes and a small seam remained in Tarasova's hand.

As soon as the actress regained her health, she came to attack, from where they did not expect: Victoria was pursued by a telephone maniac. The insane anonym, together with his accomplices, arranged a real persecution for the star of the crime series. “It started two months ago: they started calling me from unknown numbers and humming into the receiver. Then some old woman called all day with the words: "Take my child!" And recently, insults began to pour in: "You are a prostitute!" etc. At first I tried not to pay attention to it. But now it is simply impossible to answer the phone: it rings endlessly without stopping, ”the actress complained in an interview with reporters.

Victoria was chased by a telephone maniac with accomplices

They began to harass Tarasova with calls from online stores, from where attackers began to order goods on the artist's phone. Moreover, as Victoria noted, her pursuers often place orders not in her name, but on Irina Sergeevna Zimina - her role in the TV series "Capercaillie" and its sequels. The actress had to explain to operators from restaurants and shops that in reality no Zimina exists, and this is just an image from the film.

The organizer of the bullying was a man who more often than others annoyed the actress with calls. “Most often, some guy calls and breathes into the receiver. I looked at his photo in the vatsap: thin, mustache. He says to me: "I am your fiance." "Have you seen yourself in the mirror?" - I ask. Then she wrote to him: "Amusing, 5". "Is this your address?" - he writes. “No, this is a psychiatric hospital,” Tarasova said about her attempts to retain some humor in a depressing situation.

Tarasova as Lieutenant Colonel Zimina in the series "Capercaillie" with Maxim Averin

The actress initially tried to block the numbers, but soon the pursuers started calling from others. From this unfortunate attention, Victoria has already lost her peace. She changed the phone number she had been using for many years. She now gives contacts only to the closest ones. Once a day, Tarasova turns on her old number to check the messages she needs. At these moments, messages from a telephone maniac immediately begin to pour in bundles.

However, according to the star, she is already more calm about such situations than a few years ago. “When the first time they pestered me, I was scared. It was a few years ago when I was filming in "Capercaillie". I was just driven to a nervous breakdown! They called and threatened. The son was young. He picked up the home phone and heard: "Is your mother still alive?" This went on for three months. Then they called me again and asked: “Why did you turn right today? You have to walk in a straight line to your theater. " I realized that I was being followed, ”Tarasova shared her unpleasant memories in an interview with the Sobesednik publication. She then turned to law enforcement and she was given protection. As it turned out, the persecution was organized by her ex-girlfriend, with whom they quarreled.

The bullying by a former girlfriend a few years ago was even worse

According to Victoria, she was still more fortunate than one of her acquaintances actress. The artist's phone was posted on the porn site. The girl was harassed for three weeks with calls and obscene offers from a man. It turned out that in a similar way the actress was avenged by her failed groom.

We will remind, Victoria Tarasova gained popularity after the release of the series "Capercaillie", where she played the main character - Major Irina Sergeevna Zimina. A multi-part crime drama about the harsh everyday life of a police woman won the favor of the audience. The continuation of the sensational story soon followed: “Wood grouse. New again! ", “Wood grouse. New again!"," Wood grouse. Return".

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