Feb 23, 2021
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The star of “Bachelor” Victoria Korotkova, who arranged the fatal accident, explained why a criminal case was not opened against her

19:15, 23.02.2021

An auto-mechanical examination showed that the reality TV participant lost control of transport at the time of a collision with a pedestrian.

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On October 5, 2020 it became known that the star of the reality show “The Bachelor” Victoria Korotkova got into an accident with a fatal outcome. 26-year-old Korotkova in her SUV hit a man who was running across Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The victim eventually died from injuries sustained in a collision with Victoria’s car.

It is worth noting that after the accident, Victoria disappeared from sight, having ceased to get in touch. The Bachelor star did not publish anything in her microblog on Instagram and did not give interviews to journalists. Only today, four months after the accident, Korotkova first got in touch.

Victoria Korotova, 4 months after the accident, first contacted journalists and in her microblog on Instagram

It is noteworthy that, despite the death of the shot down Korotkova man, a criminal case was never opened against the star of the romantic reality show. In her first interview in a long time, Victoria explained why this decision was made. It turned out that the key point in the investigation of the accident was the results of an auto-mechanical examination.

In addition, the investigators had at their disposal recordings from surveillance cameras, eyewitness testimony, and expert opinions. Airbags are known to have been deployed due to a sharp collision. So, one of them flew straight into Victoria’s face, and the second into the legs, knocking them off the pedals and thereby depriving the driver of the ability to drive. By the way, after the accident, Korotkova’s entire body was covered in hematomas. Thus, taking into account the results of the examination, the lawyers of the star “Bachelor” received a decision to refuse to initiate a case due to the absence in Korotkova’s actions of signs of corpus delicti under Article 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Exclusive video interview “Around TV” with Victoria Korotkova

It is worth noting that Victoria Korotkova herself has not yet fully regained consciousness. In her first interview after the accident, she admitted that at first, driving past the accident site, she constantly closed her eyes, as she was constantly haunted by the memories of the collision with the same pedestrian. “I lived in hell. Now it’s like building a house for me. I lay myself brick by brick, trying to fix something. I didn’t feel good at the click, I didn’t manage to return at the moment and live the old life. Objectively, my life has changed. I don’t know if it will ever be the same as before, “Tatler quotes Korotkova.

We will remind, on the day when the accident happened with the participation of Viktoriy Korotkova, she was driving someone else’s car. Soon after the accident, it became known that during the accident, the romantic reality star was hosting a Gelendvagen owned by businessman Rahim Shamshilov. The journalists then managed to find out that Victoria and the owner of the car had an affair. At the same time, Rahim himself, who is married, eventually denied this information. The entrepreneur stated that he gave his Gelendvagen to Victoria for a while, having written a power of attorney in her name. Allegedly, the car of Korotkova herself at that time was under repair.

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