Oct 30, 2021
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The stability of the energy market depends on the actions of all its participants – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin considers responsible behavior of not only suppliers, but also consumers of resources to be a condition for the stability of the energy market, TASS reports.

Speaking at the G20 summit via video link, Putin said that the sustainability of global energy markets directly depends on the responsible actions of all its participants based on taking into account the long-term interests of each of the parties.

Putin stressed that the crisis in the regional energy markets showed how important stable, confident work of the energy sector is for the modern world.

According to the head of state, Russia is in favor of a thorough discussion of this topic, guided solely by economic considerations.

Earlier, Putin noted that the growth of budget deficits in the countries of the world carries risks of high global inflation. Because of this, according to the Russian president, not only are the risks of a decline in business activity growing, but inequality is exacerbated.

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