Oct 16, 2020
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The squid robot can swim underwater and take pictures of marine life

robot squid swims underwaterScientists working at the University of California San Diego (California, USA) have created an amazing robot.

robot squid swims underwater

What makes this creation special is that it was inspired by the squid, and now the robot squid, called "Squidbot", is able to swim underwater at a speed of 18 to 32 centimeters per second, get very close to its living neighbors and take photos with them and video.

robot squid swims underwater

Professor Michael Tolly said that they used all the key features that ordinary squid use for high-speed swimming in the work. The squid robot is made of soft materials (such as acrylic polymer), which allows it to glide gracefully underwater. It is safe to say that this unusual artificial creation not only allows you to observe marine life, but in itself is very impressive in appearance.

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