Jul 13, 2020
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The split of the American leadership does not prevent them from considering China the main enemy of the United States

The confrontation between America and China is the most important constant in the modern world order

July 8 newspaper The Wall Streat Journal reported that the FBI has been conducting a pre-investigation check for six months against Stephen Bannon, former assistant Donald Trump. The Federal Bureau of Investigation became interested in Bannon’s collaboration with fledgling media tycoon Guo Wengui, who was also associated with Trump; reporters even photographed Guo Wengui during his walk around the Trump-owned Mar-a-Largo Closed Club in Florida.

Steve Bannon and Gowengui

Steve Bannon and Gowengui

In China, Guo Wengui, whose fortune reached $ 1.1 billion in 2015, is suspected of giving bribes, money laundering, kidnapping and rape. He rejects the accusations against him, and explains the criminal prosecution by the fact that he exposed the corrupt ties between Chinese politicians and businessmen.

Last July, Washington Research Firm Strategic Vision US LLC blamed Guo Wengui is that he has been cooperating with Chinese intelligence for a long time and that is why he could easily leave China. Guo filed a lawsuit, which acquitted him, but after a few months, American investigators wanted to learn more about the means that the Chinese billionaire invested in the American media.

Post to WSJ appeared the day after the speech of the FBI Director Christopher Ray at the Hudson Institute in Washington, when he painted in almost an hour's speech the activity of the PRC special services in the USA and their attempts to influence the Chinese diaspora. “The biggest long-term threat to the information and intellectual property of our country and our economic viability is the threat of economic espionage by the Chinese special services.”- said the director of the FBI. “Now we have reached the point where the FBI counterintelligence opens a new Chinese business every 10 hours.” Of the nearly five thousand counterintelligence investigations currently underway throughout the country, nearly half are connected with China. ”,

In a statement by the FBI Director, China was America’s main national security threat.

According to A. Dynkin, Director of IMEMO RAS, the confrontation between the United States and China has become an important constant in the modern world order. This confrontation formed a new bipolarity, which is significantly different from the bipolar world of the twentieth century. The main difference is that both the United States and China are in crisis.

China is weakened by the economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. Industrial production in China in January - February 2020 decreased by 13.5 percent. Retail trade turnover fell by 20.5 percent, and investment in fixed assets by 24.5 percent. The United States creates additional difficulties for the Chinese economy, increasing sanctions against the PRC.

On the surface of the social crisis in the USA - the rise of the movement inexplicable until the end Black lives matter and the shocking kneeling of white America before the black minority.

Regarding the economic impact of the epidemic, the number of unemployment claims has reached a record high. Unemployment in the United States is now more than 25% (of the 160 million able-bodied population, almost 40 million are unemployed). The country is preparing for an unprecedented wave of bankruptcies, and not only in small and medium, but also in large business. The American stock market crashed sharply. In one month, the S&P 500 lost 35%.

The systemic crisis that America is experiencing, says Andrei Kortunov, director general of the Russian Council on Foreign Relations (INF), is making deep-seated lines pass through American society. In addition to the racial split, this is a generational split (Boomers and Generation X against millennials and generation Z); a split between the population of large agglomerations and residents of small towns and rural areas; geographic split (atlantic and pacific coast against deep continental America); split by sectors of the economy (digital and financial sector against real production).

The traditional conflict between Democrats and Republicans against the backdrop of this crisis escalated. At the same time, both Trump supporters and his opponents are equally hostile to China. Those and others bought up advertising platforms in the “vacant states” of the USA to expose the “mediocre” policy towards China, respectively, of the administrations of Barack Obama and Donald Trump. With all the acuteness of the contradictions in the American top, there is no disagreement over China's recognition of America's main enemy. And this is much more important than the victory or defeat of Donald Trump in the November elections.

Title photo: REUTERS / China Daily CDIC

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