Oct 15, 2021
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The specialist told and showed why you need to clean eyelash extensions

cleaning eyelash extensionsMany ladies dream of lush, fluttering eyelashes. And if nature has not given them such beauty, they go to build up.

cleaning eyelash extensions

And everything would be fine, but some women, having extended their eyelashes, are imbued with the confidence that now they do not need to take care of anything, and they forget even about the simplest rules of hygiene. For example, that new luxurious eyelashes need to be cleaned. The user of social networks, known under the nickname Ipek, is well aware of this. She is professionally engaged in eyelash extension and sometimes is horrified by what happens if you start eyelashes, forgetting to clean them. The woman is ready to share images of how eyelashes stick together, exfoliate and damage the natural eyelashes of negligent clients.

cleaning eyelash extensions

Ipek’s story shocked users who do not understand how you can be so irresponsible about your own appearance. In addition, many sympathize with the specialist, because she sometimes has to deal with such disgusting nightmares.

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