Jun 23, 2022
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The special daughter of Svetlana Zeynalova throws tantrums


Leading Svetlana Zeynalova spoke about the problems with her daughter.

The TV presenter heroically single-handedly brings up a daughter with developmental disabilities. True, lately it has become much more difficult for her to communicate with 13-year-old Alexandra. According to the TV star, a teenager with autism had a noticeable rollback in skills and abilities.

The host of Channel One says that the situation at home began to deteriorate sharply when the girl’s hormones began to rage. She began to refuse to study and clean the room, does not want to go on a diet. Now she weighs 10 kilograms more than her mother, and this, in a sense, gives her an advantage during a showdown with her mother.

Svetlana Zeynalova with her daughter - photo from the archive -
Svetlana Zeynalova with her daughter – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

She is 2 cm taller than me, 10 kilos heavier and three times stronger! He simply pushes me out of the room and slams the door in my face: the transitional age has begun, God grant me patience! Now he has his own opinion on everything, argues and stamps his foot for any reason, doesn’t want to study, doesn’t want to clean up … wants to lie down with an iPad and listen to Korean music!”, Svetlana complains.

Zeynalova says she does not understand how parents cope with a difficult period in the lives of teenagers. “How to get through this and not quarrel forever?”- the presenter worries.

In addition to the problems of the eldest daughter, the leader must also deal with the education of the youngest. In 2018, she gave birth to her second daughter, Veronica, from marketer Dmitry, whom she was going to marry. Two years after giving birth, Zeynalova left the father of her youngest child and was left alone with two small children.

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