Oct 9, 2021
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The Speaker of the Rada was advised to recall the words of Nicholas II

Oleg Voloshin, a member of the Ukrainian parliament of the Opposition Platform – For Life faction, advised Verkhovna Rada Speaker Dmitry Razumkov to recall the words of Nicholas II. This is a well-known phrase, once recorded by the last Russian emperor in his diary.

Rada Speaker Dmitry Razumkov was dismissed. The procedure for the removal from office was initiated by members of the Servant of the People party, which is a pro-presidential one. According to his colleagues, now former ones, Razumkov stopped working in a team and went against the party’s program. The ex-speaker himself categorically disagrees with this.

“Around betrayal, and cowardice, and deceit” – now Razumkov has reason (at least to himself) to repeat the words recorded in March 1917 in the diary of Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov, “Oleg Voloshin wrote on his Facebook page.

This is not an entirely accurate quote from the last of the Romanov imperial dynasty. Nicholas II indeed made a note in his diary when he put his signature under the act of renunciation of power. He said that in the middle of the night he left Pskov “with a heavy feeling of the past.”

“Around treason, and cowardice, and deceit!” – was written by Nicholas II.

We will remind that earlier official Kiev suspected Razumkov of zrada – he refused to vote for sanctions against the Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, did not support the sanctions against the TV channels objectionable to the authorities, and also did not vote for the land reform.

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