Oct 8, 2021
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The source called Moscow’s radical decision if NATO "won’t come to his senses"

The source called the radical decision of the official Moscow in case NATO “does not come to its senses.” We are talking about the plans of the alliance to expel eight employees of the Russian mission to NATO, who are supposedly intelligence officers. In addition, they intend to reduce the number of accreditations for Russia to 10.

According to sources in the Kommersant newspaper, such decisions of the alliance do not frighten Moscow – moreover, in view of the recent events, the Russian authorities are ready to take more radical steps that will not affect our country in any way.

As the sources explained in an interview with reporters, military cooperation between Russia and NATO was terminated at the initiative of the alliance after the return of Crimea to its homeland, and bilateral meetings have not been held for more than two years. Therefore, in view of NATO’s intentions, Russia can leave at least one person with the alliance – that will be enough, says one of the newspaper’s interlocutors.

“If the alliance does not come to its senses, it may well come to the winding down of our permanent mission there,” explained another source.

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