Apr 19, 2021
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The sons of the deceased soloist of the Pesnyary group Leonid Bortkevich will not claim his inheritance

09:17, 04/19/2021

The 71-year-old artist became a father four times.

Last Sunday on NTV came the next issue of “Stars converged”. The show was dedicated to the soloist of the group who died in mid-April “Singers” Leonid Bortkevich… The ex-lover of the singer came to the shooting of the program Irina Pomerantsevawho gave birth to a son to the star Alexey… She said that the illegitimate child is not going to claim the inheritance of Leonid Leonidovich.

“We spoke with Leonid for the last time in the fall. He called and said he was ill. I didn’t really believe it. We did not communicate closely, I am married, he has his own family, somehow life divorced us. And these programs are all where he mentioned me about the child. But we talked. About his wife he said that they parted, not divorced, but parted. Of course, there is such a difference in age. He said that he had to sell the house, buy two apartments, one for him, the other for his wife and child, ”said Pomerantseva. She recalled that she met the lead singer of Pesnyary when she was only 15 years old. The girl was a fan of the vocalist, knowing full well that there can be no question of any loyalty from the star. Alexei, who bears the surname Pomerantsev, the guest of the show by Lera Kudryavtseva and Anton Privolov gave birth in 1973.

The first wife of the deceased soloist of “Pesnyars” Leonid Bortkevich

At the same time, another child of Bortkevich was born. Son from his first wife Olga Shumakova also named Alexei. It is worth noting that the couple broke up five years after the wedding due to the artist’s novels. It is noteworthy that his new lover, a gymnast Olga Korbut, Leonid Leonidovich brought to the house where he still lived in his first wife. He introduced her as a workmate.

“I believed like an idiot. She stayed with us for three days. We are in one bedroom; however, he slept on the floor. She was from another city, she lived with us, and then they left together, as if they had common affairs. I knew he had someone. But she is so ugly that I could not believe that it was her, ”Shumakov shared her revelations. The ex-darling of the star added that she would not declare any rights to the vocalist’s property either.

Olga Korbut and Leonid Borkevich. Shot from the show “The Stars Came Together”

We add that Korbut became the second with whom Bortkevich went down the aisle. With her, he emigrated to America, and the sports star herself still calls the soloist of the Pesnyars her only love. In a marriage with a musician, Olga Valentinovna had a son in 1978 Richard, however, a family with a famous gymnast in the biography of a pop artist has become another. Leaving the USA, Leonid Bortkevich met his third love – Tatiana Rodianko… The 30-year age difference did not prevent her from finding new happiness. In 2005, the couple had a son Christian

It should be noted that at parting with Bortkevich, which took place on April 15 at the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society in Minsk, his wife Tatyana and son of the star Christian, who turns 16 this year, received condolences. Also at the coffin of his father was a 42-year-old son from Richard Korbut. Let’s remind that Leonid Bortkevich passed away on April 13th. The cause of death of the 71-year-old music figure was diabetes.

Igor Nikolaev honored the memory of Leonid Bortkevich

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