Apr 20, 2021
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The son of Vyacheslav Zaitsev said that he made up with his father and paid off the debts of the Fashion House

10:59, 04/20/2021

Yegor Zaitsev said that he had paid more than 50 million rubles.

83-year-old Vyacheslav Zaitsev became the hero of a scandalous story. 62 year old Galina Garafutdinova filmed videos at the designer’s house and published them on TikTok. The video on social media has garnered millions of views, as well as hundreds of negative comments. Netizens were outraged that a businesswoman was filming a sick person.

Yesterday it became known that the conflict between the Zaitsev family and the Garafutdinovs ended. According to the son of the couturier, he managed to pay for everything for a long time at the Fashion House. 61 years old Egor Zaitsev is the CEO of Vyacheslav’s business. He said that he had to pay 20 million to the Department of State Property and large amounts of wage arrears to workers. The total amount of all payments was approximately 50 million, and the lawsuits were about 40 million.

Now Yegor Zaitsev plans to develop the Fashion House. He wants the House to work in several directions. He informed that Vyacheslav’s granddaughters will take part in the new collection – Marusya and Nastya

Egor Zaitsev, Marusya Zaitseva, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich and designer Marina Demchenko

Yegor commented on the accusations in his direction that he does not communicate with his own father. “And we didn’t quarrel. We just thawed a normal relationship that was frozen because of work. The fact that we quarreled is the position of our opponents. It is profitable for them to serve like this. Yes, we have resumed communication. I called first. He said that I love him and that everything is fine in business. He reported on all the nuances of the situation in the House of Fashion. We talked very warmly. According to a long-standing tradition, we parted in tears. I told my dad that until I get the job done, I will be uncommunicative. And then dad was on speakerphone all the time and the enemies learned about our plans. Now we have done everything and now we communicate with dad every day, ”said Vyacheslav’s son for In addition, Yegor Zaitsev’s deputy said that designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev had stopped communicating with the Garafutdinov family.

Recall that in the media at the beginning of this month, news began to appear that Galina, along with her son Timur use the position of the fashion designer to promote themselves. It is known that Garafutdinova met Vyacheslav Zaitsev 13 years ago on the set of the “Fashionable Sentence” program and since then they continue to communicate. According to the woman, together they were engaged in charity projects, and her son more than once participated in the shows of the Russian designer. The Garatfudinov family accused Zaitsev’s son of not communicating with his sick father and not helping him.

Galina Garatfudinova

Earlier, in April, there was a release of the program “Let them talk” with Galina and Timur. In the studio of the show, they called themselves friends of Vyacheslav Zaitsev and noted that they did not claim his inheritance, and they also did not live in the designer’s house. After this broadcast, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation instructed to check information about a possible violation of the rights of the couturier.

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