May 20, 2020
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The son of the announcer Svetlana Morgunova for a week “burned out” from the coronavirus

He died in the Russian capital 39 is the summer son of the legendary TV presenter and announcer Svetlana Morgunova. It is known that the man had a confirmed coronavirus.

The sad news about the death of Maxim Morgunov was published in social networks by his brother, the head of the Tagansky municipal district, Ilya Sviridov.

According to the man, the diagnosis of COVID is 10 They set Morgunov 07 May, and 11 May already found his body. Prior to this, the man went to work on May 6-8, where he contacted a colleague who was also later diagnosed with coronavirus.

It is noted that the course of the disease was not severe - my brother Morgunova had a temperature from 11, 5 to .... He was treated at home.