Sep 15, 2022
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The son of Taisiya Povaliy turned into a zombie, Neighbors said


The music critic spoke about the son of the singer Taisiya Povaliy.

The son of Taisiya Povaliy stopped communicating with the parent. The fact is that the Ukrainian artist sided with Russia after the February events. The discord in the star family was commented on by music critic Sergei Sosedov.

Sosedov finds no excuse for Denis and considers him a victim of political propaganda. “I feel sorry for Denis. Poor, deceived, zombified boy. Renounce such a mother! There is nothing more embarrassing! Your mother gave you everything, including the opportunity to live in Spain.

Taisiya is a very good artist. High level pop singer. She has amazing taste. She never chased fashion. At the same time, Taya will always be in demand: yesterday, today, tomorrow. The fact that she supported Russia, first of all, speaks of her intelligence. She is not only talented, but also a smart singer, unlike the rest of the frank fools. Taya showed that she is a person who is grateful to Russia. And the son, alas, was unworthy of such a mother. It happens often”, — shared the 54-year-old music critic.

Tasia Povaliy with her son - photo from the archive -
Taisiya Povaliy with her son

Denis does not hide that he suffers because of the actions of his mother. Ukrainians hate not only Taisia, but also her son. He, in turn, is trying to justify the star parent.

Let me remind you of the background: 2004 – our family flees from Kyiv after threats of reprisals for agitating Yanukovych. 2014 – again a couple of artists are knocked out – Ani Lorak and Taisiya Povaliy – who regularly appear on Russian television, they are awarded the “honorary” title “Traitor of Ukraine”. 2019 – under Zelensky’s mother, already after the posters of the anniversary concert in Kyiv were hung up, they refused to rent the recreation center “Ukraine” under some vague pretext”, – said 39-year-old Denis about how the persecution of his mother began, Prozvezd quotes.

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