Oct 14, 2020
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The son of Sergei Glushko does not speak with his father after betrayal

    The son of Sergei Glushko does not speak with his father after betrayal

Stripper Sergei Glushko spoke about the relationship with his son after infidelity.

The recently famous family of Natasha Koroleva and Sergei Glushko (Tarzan) became famous for an unpleasant story. The man cheated on his wife, publicly admitted this, and his mistress Anastasia Shulzhenko distributed footage of his infidelity to the media. The couple also made a statement to the police, the couple suspects that money and valuables disappeared from their house after the visit of the stripper's friend and her friend.

Ksenia Sobchak, who undertook to cover this "series" written by life itself, doubted in her show that the theft was in fact, suspecting that the Queen decided to take revenge in this way. However, the singer assured that communicating with the police is extremely unpleasant, and she is not vindictive, so she would never do that.

Sergey Glushko with his son
Sergey Glushko with his son

During the broadcast, the presenter asked Tarzan how his 19-year-old son Arkhip reacted to this scandal.

"This is a disaster!"- the dancer did not hide.

According to him, the guy is an exact copy of him and he perfectly understands how his offspring feels. Moreover, in his youth he had to go through something similar. Once his father wanted to leave the family, but his mother would not let her husband go. As a result, she managed to keep her family together.

"But I remember my reaction! This creates a feeling of detachment, you understand that this is a problem, and you just want to hide. I don't climb, some time will pass, and I will definitely talk to him. Now he won't talk to me", - said Tarzan.

Sergei did not hide that his son now treats him differently.

But the Queen had the strength to talk to her son. She recommended that the heir "monitor" the girls he takes home, since there may be "all sorts of" among them. According to the singer, her son advised her “not to sweat and relax”.

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