Jun 12, 2022
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The son of Natasha Koroleva lives in Khrushchev without an elevator


The son of the singer Natasha Koroleva, Arkhip escaped from the artist’s mansion.

Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan do not hide the fact that their son Arkhip, together with his passion, decided not to depend on their parents and moved to a one-room rental apartment.

The 20-year-old son of singer Natasha Koroleva and stripper Tarzan is still a student. Until recently, a young man lived in a three-story parental home with his girlfriend. However, it recently became known that the heir to the star family moved out of his parents and now moved to a rented apartment. The 49-year-old performer of the hit “Little Country” did not deny this fact.

The apartment is ordinary, Khrushchev. Located on the fifth floor without an elevator. Romance. I am for children to understand life, and that it can be very different. Of course, at my age, everything was different at 20, but I was already a star then … It’s time for a long time. This would have happened much earlier if not for the pandemic. He is a student, studying at the hospital, earning something with lessons“, – the singer told reporters” You won’t believe it.

Natasha Koroleva with her son - photo from the archive -
Natasha Koroleva with her son – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

It is worth noting that the apartment, which costs 35 thousand rubles, is paid by Arkhip’s parents. And all the necessary things were also bought by them. “Spoons, forks, pans, pots… Everyone bought what he wanted. Everything was delivered, everything was done beautifully. He is an understanding guy and knows that in order to support a family, you need to earn money, and in order to earn money, you need to learn”, Natasha noted.

Recall that the offspring of the Queen has been dating a girl with the pseudonym Melissa for more than a year. The sphere of activity of the beloved is striptease. But this fact does not bother parents. However, the singer is in no hurry to call her daughter-in-law. “She is not a daughter-in-law, her son is single! They are engaged, but not married. Recently there was one girl, then there was a series that you don’t know about and, thank God!“- said the artist.

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