Sep 16, 2020
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The son of Mikhail Boyarsky spoke about the state of his father’s health after his fainting before being vaccinated against influenza

07:43, 09/16/2020

Sergei noted that the actor was still vaccinated.

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Yesterday, 70-year-old Mikhail Boyarsky once again gave reason to worry about his health. The actor came to the city clinic, where he was supposed to get a flu shot. As reported, during a preliminary examination, the doctor put pressure on Mikhail Sergeyevich's lymph nodes and thereby caused a surge in the artist's pressure. Boyarsky lost consciousness and fell from the chair, hitting his head against the wall. He received urgent first aid.

The son of Mikhail Boyarsky, Sergei, spoke about the state of his father's health after an unpleasant incident. As the politician noted, a flurry of calls fell upon him with questions about the artist's well-being. Sergei stressed that Mikhail Sergeevich quickly came to his senses and even made the planned vaccination. “Indeed, in St. Petersburg my father felt a little bad, he“ swam ”for a medical examination before being vaccinated against the flu. Now the pressure is normal, I got the vaccine, the pressure is in order, he says hello to everyone, ”said Sergei Boyarsky in the Stories of his microblog on Instagram.

Sergey answered a question about his father's well-being

By the way, in June, 70-year-old Boyarsky provoked a wave of rumors about his state of health. The actor, who did not get in touch for several weeks, recorded a video in support of the seriously ill sons of musicians of the Leningrad Region Symphony Orchestra. In the video, Boyarsky appeared without the usual headdress, and the artist seemed haggard. The artist's unusual thinness was striking. Mikhail Sergeevich, after spreading information about his alleged illness, tried to calm his fans. He explained that, they say, he had not looked in the mirror for a long time, because in conditions of self-isolation it did not matter. His health is all right. 40-year-old Sergei Boyarsky also commented on his father's well-being, noting the poor lighting in the video, which showed the actor not in his best form.

The appearance of Mikhail Boyarsky in June seriously alarmed his many fans

Recall that 70-year-old Mikhail Boyarsky, who by age was at risk for coronavirus, left St. Petersburg in April. Together with his wife Larisa Luppian, he moved to a country house in the Leningrad region. The actor tried not to leave the dacha in the city: his son supplied him with food and necessary things. The artist noted that in the unstable world environment due to COVID-19, he decided to spend more time with his family. Boyarsky said that it was very difficult for him to self-isolate in the city, when not only his favorite football matches, but also simple everyday things like a trip to the subway became unavailable.

With the onset of the pandemic, Boyarsky and his wife left St. Petersburg

We add, despite the temporary removal from social life and publicity, Mikhail Boyarsky lit up in a small scandal with bailiffs. In July it became known that "D'Artagnan" of the Russian cinema turned out to be owed to public utilities. For a paltry debt of 200 rubles, bailiffs initiated enforcement proceedings. Sergei Boyarsky, commenting on this fact, suggested that his father simply overlooked the debt due to his age and forgot to pay this small amount. By the way, last year bailiffs also had claims against the actor, but on fines for driving a car, which had accumulated over six years. Over the years, Boyarsky twice violated the traffic rules, driving into the oncoming lane and parking his car on the roadway.

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