May 15, 2020
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The son of Irina Zyvina left her sister with nothing

Сын Ирины Цывиной оставил сестру ни с чем

About a year ago, the actress Irina Tsyvina died. The star of the series "Kadetstvo" died suddenly, and therefore did not have time to make a will. As a result, there were problems with the registration of the inheritance.

The fact is that Tsyvina has two legal heirs - this is her son Eugene, as well as her daughter Zinaida. However, in the first year after the death of Tsyvina, Eugene and Zina did not manage to reach mutual understanding on the issue of the mother’s inheritance.

As neighbor Evgeni Dmitry tells us, Evgeni took away all the inheritance from his sister, single-handedly owning all the property left by his mother. There was no mutual understanding between brother and sister all these months after the death of their mother, and Eugene decided to act from a tough position. Thus, now Zinaida, who has the legal right to half of all the property left by her mother as an inheritance, is left with nothing, but Eugene lives very well - he receives money from the rent of his mother’s apartments.

“He handed over all the apartments and lives quietly on the money he earned. Eugene does not send a penny to her sister! But Zina is rightfully the heiress of half of the property. Why didn’t the brother give a damn about this and illegally dispose of her square meters? ”, A neighbor told StarHit.

Zinaida is currently in the United States and therefore does not can solve the problem with the inheritance of the mother. In addition, Tsyvina’s heirs will have to answer for her mother’s debts, because one of her apartments was bought on a mortgage.

Recall, Irina Tsyvina’s friend insists on exhuming her body.

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