Sep 17, 2020
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The son of Elena Yakovleva admitted that he was on antidepressants

17:43, 09/16/2020

Denis Shalny had psychological problems.

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The only son of 59-year-old Elena Yakovleva, Denis Shalnykh, attracted attention thanks to the tattoos that cover most of his body. It is noteworthy that the young man even decorated his face with drawings. Despite the fact that the stellar mother takes the passion of her 27-year-old son quite calmly, most of the fans of the actress are still shocked by Denis's appearance.

Some tattoos on Denis's face are quite extravagant. So, among other things, he filled himself with a drawing in the form of a black coffin. Today Denis said that he decided to get such a tattoo, because initially there was another in his place, which he did not like. According to the son of Yakovleva, it had to be blocked with something. The first thought that came to Denis and his master was to fill a large black coffin. Crazy said that this is the only tattoo that his mother does not like, so he gradually reduces it.

Denis Shalnykh

It is interesting that when Shalny at the age of 17 began to get tattoos, he did not attach much importance to them. “Now I understand that when a person tries to change something in himself so early, then he definitely has some complexes. What did I have? Honestly, I don’t remember, ”Denis said in an interview with SRSLY. Shalnyh adds that he may not have been popular with the opposite sex. Denis never thought that there would be such a violent reaction to his tattoos among Internet users.

Denis admitted that he had been to a psychotherapist three times at different periods of his life, but, according to him, this has nothing to do with tattoos on his face. Crazy added that the specialist never even asked about them. He noted that in most cases, when things are bad for people, they keep the negative in themselves, and then explode, thus harming their health. “I went the other way. I just realized that I can't deduce what is happening on my own. Receptions were like in a movie about Doctor Lector, ”said Denis. Crazy noticed that in the end the doctor prescribed antidepressants for him, after which his condition improved.

Denis Shalny with smeared tattoos

It is worth noting that many of Denis's tattoos are in some way connected with cinema, as he loves him very much since childhood. In this he was helped by his parents, who instilled in their son good taste, although they did not want him to become an actor. By the way, Denis never had a desire to appear in any projects.

We add that in February of this year, Denis admitted that in childhood he suffered from a lack of attention from his mother. According to Shalny, he often left his parents because he could not find a common language with them. Denis then noticed that his mother devoted ten percent of her time to him, and he lived with his grandmother. It is interesting that after the son of Yakovleva began to live separately, there were no more conflicts between him and the actress. Therefore, Shalnykh stressed that he had made the right choice, having decided to move out of the parental home as soon as possible.

Elena Yakovleva with her son

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