Nov 23, 2021
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The son of Dmitry Shepelev became interested in sex issues


Host Dmitry Shepelev admitted that he was discouraged by the questions of Plato’s son.

The Russian TV presenter is actively involved in raising children, the son of the late Zhanna Friske Platon, the daughter of Ekaterina Tulupova’s wife from a previous relationship, and a newborn child.

The other day Dmitry Shepelev asked a difficult question: is it worth it to engage in sex education for children. According to the presenter, the heirs themselves pushed him to this. However, it was not so easy to answer the tricky questions of the offspring. Then Shepelev and his wife decided to resort to specialized literature.

Dmitry Shepelev
Dmitry Shepelev

Children began to ask questions: “When will the hair under the armpits grow?” And what does it mean “the voice breaks?” What is Adam’s apple? What is sex? They then thought it was a curse. We decided to order books for them. There is a feeling that it is too early to show them these books. What do you think?Shepelev asked.

The showman showed a spread of the book, which showed naked boys with hair under the armpits and pubic hair.

Fans were split in half. 46 percent of the audience of 38-year-old Dmitry Shepelev are sure that it is too early to deal with such issues, the rest of the respondents believe that it is just right.

They started talking about the romance of Dmitry Shepelev with the architect and designer Ekaterina Tulupova in 2017, and about the upcoming wedding in November 2019. However, it is still not known whether the couple is officially married.

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