Nov 19, 2021
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The son of Christina Orbakaite had fun with the children of Pugacheva and Galkin (video)


Children of Maxim Galkin entertain Denis Baysarov.

Denis Baysarov returned a year ago from London, where he went to study, and now his relatives see him much more often than before. The day before, the son of Christina Orbakaite came to visit the castle of his grandmother Alla Pugacheva. His appearance “raised the ears” of all the inhabitants of the big house.

Maxim Galkin showed how warmly his children Lisa and Harry received him as a guest. Alla Borisovna’s heirs sang, danced and were very happy to meet their adult nephew. The touching footage of the family chronicle was published on the host’s Instagram. It is curious that Pugacheva herself did not take part in the fun. She was probably busy with household chores.

Denis has arrived! Children have joy!“, – commented Galkin the commotion in the castle.

By the way, judging by the way Denis interacts with children, in the future he will make a wonderful father. However, it’s too early to guess, because Orbakaite’s son hasn’t even found a bride yet. Periodically, the media ascribe novels to him with different beauties, but he does not comment on these rumors in any way.

Baysarov now pays more attention not to the search for happiness in his personal life, but to his career and earnings. After returning from abroad, Pugacheva’s grandson began organizing various events. Just the other day, for example, he will hold a Gothic-themed ball in the capital. By the way, the daughter of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk received an invitation there.

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