Feb 22, 2021
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The son of Aiza Dolmatova and rapper Guf was hospitalized due to poisoning with rolls

03:13, 22.02.2021

Sami, 10, ate substandard Japanese food delivery.

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The night before, it became known that the son of Aiza Dolmatova and rapper Guf were urgently hospitalized in a Moscow hospital. This was announced by the TV presenter herself in her microblog on Instagram. The blogger said that initially, doctors suspected Sami had inflammation of appendicitis. But, as it turned out, the reason lay in the poisoning with rolls. Nevertheless, Aiza found an educational element in this situation.

The son of Aiza Dolmatova and rapper Guf was hospitalized with poisoning

“But now he knows for sure that it is dangerous to eat sushi in delivery! And generally speaking! We had one conversation in Bali, now I remember it! Sam was constantly indignant, why we only go to those restaurants that I want, like why can’t we eat in regular cafes or different ones, but we constantly go to the same ones! To which I replied to Sam: “Sam, why, having lived in Bali for 7 years, have we never poisoned ourselves anywhere, as almost everyone who arrives on the island does?”) I am very scrupulous about food, I try to eat at home, in proven places, and I definitely spend most of my earnings on food! Because I’m afraid of this! delivery of sushi is Russian roulette ((“, – Dolmatova complained in her publication (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given unchanged. – Prim. row.).

Isa thanked the doctors of the children’s hospital

Aiza Dolmatova noted that Sami is treated with great attention at the hospital, which she was extremely surprised, since the boy receives treatment for free. The TV presenter thanked the doctors of the 9th Children’s Hospital and highly appreciated the level of qualifications of Russian doctors. “Sam is treated like a king at the 9th Children’s Hospital, and he is there for free !!! Nowadays it is customary to scold our medicine with the last words, ”Aiza complained.

Isa and Alexey Dolmatov with their son Sam

Recall that Aiza Vagapova got married for the first time in 2008. Rapper Guf, also known as Alexey Dolmatov, became her chosen one. In 2010, the couple became the parents of their son Sami. After five years of family life, the lovers divorced. The separation of the spouses was accompanied by a big scandal and mutual reproaches. In 2015, Aiza Dolmatova got married again. Dmitry Anokhin, a businessman and surfer, became her chosen one. The lovers played the wedding in the USA, and in 2016 they celebrated a joyful event – their son Elvis was born.

Aiza Dolmatova with sons Sam and Elvis

In 2019, Dmitry and Aiza decided to leave. Anokhina’s second divorce also turned out to be scandalous. The situation was complicated by the fact that the spouses had a common business – a beauty salon. After parting, Anokhin announced that he would keep the salon for himself. Isa offered the ex-lover to buy out the business from him, but he categorically refused. After parting with Dmitry Anokhin, Aiza seriously thought about changing the name of her second spouse to another. At the end of October 2020, Aiza again became Dolmatova. Now she has a relationship with singer Oleg Miami, with whom she began dating in 2020.

Isa Dolmatova and Oleg Miami

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