Sep 19, 2022
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The son-in-law did not allow the mother-in-law to lick his ice cream and made her very angry

son-in-law did not let mother-in-law lick ice creamThe hero of this story is faced with a strange family quarrel, and it all started with such a harmless thing as ice cream.

son-in-law did not let mother-in-law lick ice cream

The man, his wife and mother-in-law were watching a movie together, and everyone was eating their own ice cream, but suddenly the mother-in-law asked the man for permission to lick his ice cream – supposedly she wanted to taste it. Our hero said that there was still the same ice cream in the freezer as he had, and volunteered to bring it to his wife’s mother. But she said she didn’t want the whole ice cream, she just wanted to taste it. It was then that the problem began, because the man absolutely did not crave for his mother-in-law’s saliva to fall on his delicacy. Moreover, the woman loves to kiss her dogs. But now a very angry mother-in-law accuses him of greed, plus the wife of the hero also stood on her mother’s side.

son-in-law did not let mother-in-law lick ice cream

Social media users could only sympathize with the man who ended up in a family that clearly does not know what personal boundaries are. Apparently, conversations and explanations will not help the matter here. It remains only to wait for the conflict to smooth out by itself.

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