Jan 3, 2022
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The snake that crawled into the kitchen and hid in the stove was successfully removed

the snake hid in the slabIt’s no secret that snakes are good at hiding, so this family from Adelaide (Australia) can be safely called vigilant and attentive.

the snake hid in the slab

Households managed to make out a reptile, which not only crawled into their kitchen, but also found shelter in the stove. Of course, the snake’s new home is not safe. In addition, the red-bellied black snake is poisonous, so it can itself be a threat.

the snake hid in the slab

Fortunately, a snake catcher quickly arrived to the aid of the homeowners, who removed the snake from the stove and took it away. I would like to hope that in nature the snake will find itself much more suitable places for playing hide and seek.

The monk was frightened by the snake that got too close to him

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