Nov 8, 2022
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The snake ran away from the owners and crawled into someone else’s bed

the snake crawled into someone else's bedTasha Lane from Northamptonshire (England) used to not be particularly afraid of snakes, but now everything can change.

the snake crawled into someone else's bed

A woman never thought that she would have to come into contact with a reptile so closely and closely. The horror happened one night when Tasha, who was sleeping with her boyfriend and their dog, felt some suspicious stirring under the covers. Raising the blanket, the lady saw a snake. When Tasha woke her boyfriend, he jumped out of bed with incredible speed. The woman did not dream of anything – under the blanket, indeed, a small snake found shelter.

the snake crawled into someone else's bed

When Tasha’s mother found out about the terrible incident, she suggested that the snake could belong to their neighbor Jade Forester. Three months ago, a woman complained that a pet ran away from her son – a maize snake. Of course, Tasha is not happy that someone else’s pet was found in her bed, but still she is pleased that the owners have successfully reunited with their snake.

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