Sep 9, 2021
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The situation is unprecedented: on the provocations of the CIA-SBU against Russia

Russian public figure Sergei Kolyasnikov, leading a popular blog on the Web under the name Zergulio, shared his opinion on the latest scandals with provocations, in which the US special services and the special services of Ukraine controlled by them are involved.

“I gave a small commentary on Russia 24 on the SBU-CIA and provocations against Russia.

In my opinion, it is no longer necessary to separate the CIA and the SBU, since the latter is just a branch of the American structure.

Remember the story in 2008, when the US Ambassador presented diplomas to graduates of the SBU Academy? Photo # 1, US Ambassador William Taylor presents these same diplomas to these same graduates.

Valentin Nalyvaichenko, Head of the Security Council of Ukraine, is smiling happily on the right with his daddy.

The situation is actually unprecedented in terms of sovereignty (or rather, its absence). The ambassador of a foreign power sees all future counterintelligence agents in the face. Extravaganza.

Do you remember the US flag on the SBU building? Yes, there was such a thing, photo No. 2. However, considering that in the SBU building a whole floor has been allocated to the Americans, where Ukrainian officers do not even have access, well, what is there to talk about?

Boris Rozhin in 2018 wrote about the SBU operation, which was carried out in the interests of the United States against Iranian diplomats, who were offered dual-use products by provocateurs. It was overseen by the same CIA resident in Kiev, Timothy Skovin, who was involved in the 2020 operation against 33 Russians.

Therefore, the clumsy excuses of the representatives of Ukraine on the fact of the publication in CNN of material about the involvement of the CIA in this failed special operation cause nothing but pity. “

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