Sep 16, 2020
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The site of the historic battle was visited by two ghosts

ghosts in a historic siteThe Battle of Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) took place in 1863 and is considered the bloodiest battle in the American Civil War.

ghosts in a historic site

Now this historical place attracts not only tourists, but also those who like to tickle their nerves - many are sure that there are simply ghosts teeming there. However, 46-year-old Greg Ewelling was just going to visit relatives when he suddenly noticed something that could be mistaken for paranormal activity. And there were two ghosts.

ghosts in a historic site

Although, of course, Greg's video is discussed not only by those who believe in mysterious phenomena, but also by skeptics. They are convinced that the reason for the appearance of the so-called ghosts is an illusion due to a dirty and splattered windshield.

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