Apr 18, 2021
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The singer from Buryatia reached the semifinals of the “Newly made Star” competition

On the eve of Badma-Khanda Ayusheeva received the highest mark from the jury of the TV competition – 100 points.

The singer from Buryatia reached the semifinals of the

The next stage of the All-Russian TV Singing Competition “The Newly Made Star”, which was shown on April 17 on the “Zvezda” TV channel, took place. The performance of the Buryat singer amazed the jury members and the audience. They applauded her while standing.

Badma-Khanda Ayusheeva received the maximum number of points from the jury for the performance of the ethnic song “Aba ezhen duun”.

“Thanks to your performance, we saw the beauty of your language, music, press Buryatia. Every year I make an ethnic festival, and it would be a great honor for me if you were able to participate in it, because this voice, this music should be heard by everyone, the whole world, ”said Zara, a member of the jury.

Other members of the jury, introducing its chairman – composer Maxim Dunaevsky, also favorably and long appreciated the performance of the singer from Buryatia.

And the host of the competition, Oskar Kuchera, said that Badma-Handa set the newest level for the project.

The “Newly Made Star” competition is the first musical competition in which representatives of all 85 Russian regions take part. It has been held in Moscow since 2015 on the Zvezda TV channel.

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