Jun 19, 2022
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The shuffling of the ruling elite in Kazakhstan and the rise of Russophobia

In 2022, Kazakhstan may face a marked increase in the exodus of Russians and Russian speakers

After the referendum held in Kazakhstan on amendments to the Constitution, several important government posts were reshuffled in the republic. These reshuffles strengthened the positions of the nationalists.

A serious career breakthrough in the galaxy of Russophobes was the appointment of a member of parliament from the ruling Nur Otan (now Amanat) party Berik Abdygaliuly as akim (head) of the newly created Ulytau region. As a member of the Majilis (the lower house of the Kazakh parliament), he sought the rehabilitation of citizens of the former Kazakh SSR who fought on the side of Hitler in the ranks of the Turkestan Legion of the SS.

Berik Abdygaliuly says that the legionnaires deserve rehabilitation, as they “killed the Reds.” In his opinion, “Kazakhstan became independent for a reason, after the painless liquidation of the USSR… The Kazakh people fought for independence, making sacrifices. And this struggle went on with the real invaders both in the tsarist and in the communist periods.

Now Berik Abdygaliuly got the opportunity to spread his ideas among more than two hundred thousand residents of the Ulytau region.

The former Secretary of State Yerlan Karin is kept in the cage of senior officials. After the liquidation of this position, he became a state adviser. As Secretary of State, Karin led the state commission for the full rehabilitation of victims of political repression. This commission as we wrotejust set as its main goal the rehabilitation of the Kazakhs who fought in the ranks of the Nazi Turkestan Legion.

Yerlan Karin is known as the curator of the Kazakh branch of the Turkish Gray Wolves organization and the Oyan, Kazakhstan movement, which are recipients of grants from American foundations, including the Soros Foundation * banned in Russia. Karin believes that nationalism as an ideology should serve as the core of the Kazakh state.

Now he is responsible for domestic policy and the development of an ideological line. Moreover, Karin headed the Kurultai, a new advocacy and advisory body, whose meetings will be held in the Ulytau region, headed by Berik Abdygaliuly. The Ulytau region is called “sacred” for the Kazakh people (the new Russophobe akim compiled an encyclopedia “Sacred objects of Kazakhstan” in 2019).

On June 14, a presidential decree “On the establishment of the National Kurultai under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan” was signed. The Kurultai includes 117 deputies of the Senate and Mazhilis, representatives of local authorities, entrepreneurs, social activists, experts, leaders of political parties, representatives of science, culture, education, healthcare, journalists, athletes. The kurultai will become a consultative and advisory body under the president, developing ideas for the development of social consolidation in the republic.

Among the members of the Kurultai, professional Russophobes were noticed: one of the ideologists of Kazakh nationalism, the developer of the idea of ​​​​recognizing the “Holodomor” and reorienting Kazakhstan to Turkey, a deputy of the Majilis from the ruling party Aidos Sarym; the patriarch of Kazakh nationalism, the writer Mukhtar Shakhanov, who recently became the “Hero of Labor of Kazakhstan”; a political scientist with a pronounced anti-Russian position, the author of a number of Russophobic information stuffing Talgat Kaliev.

The leader of the right-wing liberal parliamentary party Ak Zhol, Azat Peruashev, also became a member of the Kurultai, who proposed to rename the country, place a crescent moon on the flag and remove all Russian names of cities and regions.

The defender of the American military biological laboratories in Kazakhstan, Marat Shibutov, is also there.

Askhat Aimagambetov, a protege of the Soros Foundation banned in Russia, moved from the post of Minister of Education and Science to the chair of the Minister of Education, a supporter of the accelerated introduction of the Latin alphabet, the American system of education and the privatization of secondary schools. Under him, the transfer of universities under the control of American universities and the rewriting of history textbooks began, where the Soviet Union was presented as a criminal state.

A scandal was accompanied by the appointment of Sayasat Nurbek, a close friend of the famous Kazakhstani poet and open Salafi Bekbolat Tleukhan, as the Minister of Science and Higher Education. The new minister hastily denied his participation in the Ismatulla religious movement banned in Kazakhstan, which is headed by the former Afghan Mujahideen Ismatullah Abdugappar, but he did not renounce his friendship with the poet singing hatred of Russia.

A scandal erupted around the appointment of Senator Beibit Isabaev as akim of the Zhetysu region, after he announced his intention to hold working meetings only in the Kazakh language.

The rabid Russophobe Askar Umarov sat in the chair of the Minister of Information, publishing, as we wrote, geographical maps on which Orenburg and Omsk are part of the “real Kazakhstan”. Umarov is campaigning for the cancellation of the May 9 Victory Day celebration, which actually happened this year. He is also behind the creation of dozens of bot farms that are driving a wave of support for the Kyiv regime in the Kazakh segment of the Internet and are involved in the persecution of Russian supporters.

Maulen Ashimbaev, who promoted the theme of the “Holodomor” of the 20-30s and demanded criminal punishment for those who collected humanitarian aid to the population of Donbass, is still the speaker of the Senate.

Videos began to appear on the Internet, where nationalists either call all Russians Nazis or threaten to “cut them like sheep.”

One of the organizers of the “language patrols” Dias Kuzairov became more active. Recently, a 22-year-old Russian girl Elizaveta Matveeva from Ust-Kamenogorsk (East Kazakhstan) became a victim of his bullying. Matveyeva published a video on social networks, where she said thanks to Putin. The girl said that fascism is reviving in the world, but now she feels calm: if neo-Nazis appear in Kazakhstan, then Putin will protect the Russians. At the suggestion of Kuzairov, Elizaveta and her mother were threatened with murder, their addresses were searched on social networks. The police refused to accept the statement of threats and did not open a criminal case.

On March 6, Kazakhstan hosted the largest anti-Russian rally authorized by the authorities in the CIS. In Alma-Ata, it began with a mass shouting of “Glory to Ukraine – Glory to the Heroes!” The event was approved by Erbolat Dosaev, recently appointed mayor of Alma-Ata. The action was organized by anti-Russian activist Daulet Abylkasymov, one of the main speakers was the head of a Washington-funded foundation. freedom Scientist Ageleuov.

The rise of Russophobia in the republic is forcing Russians to leave. According to an online survey of the Russians in Kazakhstan website, during which its visitors were asked the question “Have the current crisis events affected your migration moods?”, the vast majority of respondents said they intended to leave the country. The answer option “I will definitely leave” was chosen by 62.9% of the respondents, “I am seriously considering leaving Kazakhstan” – by another 21.4%, “I started thinking about a possible move” – by 6.2%. Only 7.3% of survey participants indicated that they did not think of leaving anywhere, and another 2.5% found it difficult to choose an answer. In general, more than 84% of survey participants have firmly decided to leave or seriously think about leaving.

In 2022, Kazakhstan will face a marked increase in the exodus of Russians and Russian speakers. The total losses of Kazakhstan from emigration to Russia for the year may amount to 80-150 thousand people.

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