Sep 14, 2020
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The shooting of the military drama “Bansu” with Alexander Pale in the title role has started

11:44, 09/14/2020

The rental of the painting is scheduled for 2022.

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On September 11, in the village of Aktash in Altai, shooting of a large-scale military drama began "Bansu"Based on the book of the same name Ilya Boyashov... The director's chair of the film was taken by the winner of the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival, Pavel Kostomarov, known for such projects as Epidemic, Chernobyl 2. Exclusion Zone, Law of the Stone Jungle. The film of the 1-2-3 Production film company from producers Valery Fedorovich and Yevgeny Nikishov is based on a real story that took place in 1943 in Alaska. According to the plot, a Soviet Lend-Lease crew overtakes a 20-meter bomber and, having landed for refueling, discovers the disappearance of the navigator, in whose parachute lines secret intelligence is hidden. In search of the missing, playing ahead of each other, two search groups are sent - a Soviet and an American.

Pavel Kostomarov took an active part in the creation of the script together with Alexander Borodyansky. It did not take long to decide on a location for filming. “I began to prepare for filming, while still working as a creative producer in the Dyatlov Pass project. I was offered to read Boyashov's story "Bansu", I really liked it, and I sat down to write and storyboard the script. Then there was a long casting, a lot of searches and tests, ”said the director.

The shooting of the military drama "Bansu" with Alexander Pale has started

As a result, the main role went to Alexander Pal. Timofey Tribuntsev and an aspiring actor also starred in the project Ilya Leibin... “Ilya has a unique face, he is a gifted guy, immediately captivated everyone with the charm of a bully. At first we planned to shoot in America, then in Georgia. But the coronavirus problems were thrown into Altai. We are experiencing great difficulties, but we do not regret it at all. There is amazing, harsh, magical nature here, ”noted Pavel Kostomarov.

"Bansu" is a screen version of the story by Ilya Boyashov, which, to paraphrase the title of a well-known Soviet book, I would call "The Story of Real People." By genre, it is a unique combination of drama, mystical thriller and military action. According to the plot, the action takes place in Alaska, where, for obvious reasons, we could not send a film crew right now. But we found everything we need in Altai - nature is as beautiful as it is harsh, challenging a person and ready at any moment, as soon as he falters, to crush him ”, - commented the film producer, head of the film studio 1-2-3 Production Evgeny Nikishov.

Director Pavel Kostomarov

Nikishov's colleague Valery Fedorovich, in turn, lifted the veil of secrecy and said that foreign actors would also take part in the filming: “Bansu” is, first of all, a story about the character of a Russian person. About how the impossible happens over and over again on some unknown resources of the soul. This is a film about friendship and love, which are the strongest around. As our director joked at the pitching of the Cinema Foundation - we have a film about a war without Germans and about love without sex. The film is made by a team of titans.

We add that the release of the military drama "Bansu" is scheduled for 2022. The film received support from the Cinema Foundation. What other actors should be expected in the film until it is revealed. The artists involved in the filming have not yet expressed their new roles.

The rental of the painting is scheduled for 2022

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