Apr 9, 2021
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The shooting of the film “Nuremberg” with Yevgeny Mironov has started

21:01, 09.04.2021

The actor started working on the painting in Prague.

The shooting of a new film by 54-year-old director Nikolai Lebedev has begun in the Czech Republic “Nuremberg»On preparations for the most important trial of the 20th century over the leaders of the Third Reich after World War II.

The picture is dedicated to the events of 1945-1946. Six months after the surrender of Nazi Germany, the victorious countries (USSR, Great Britain, USA, France), in the course of a unique international military tribunal in the German city of Nuremberg, decided what to do with the highest ranks of Nazi Germany.

The trial, in which the crimes of the fascists were examined in detail, was conducted in four languages, and the whole world followed its course. The preparations for the trial were accompanied by strange events, which will be discussed in the new film.

Nikolay Lebedev

Filming will take place in four countries: Czech Republic, Russia, Germany and Belgium. The creators of the project have already filmed the first shots in Prague. This was told by 54-year-old Yevgeny Mironov, who plays one of the roles in it. Together with him, actors from Russia and other countries are involved in the film. In his microblog on Instagram, Eugene shared photos of the Prague spring, which he is observing this year. Due to the pandemic and restrictions, the capital of the Czech Republic is half empty. Shops and restaurants are closed, and after nine o’clock in the evening, citizens are not allowed to go out. According to Mironov, he sat in quarantine for five days and was very happy to start work. Now, in his free time from filming, Evgeny Vitalievich enjoys walking around the half-empty city.

Evgeny Mironov

It is worth saying that due to the pandemic, the shooting of “Nuremberg” was postponed for a year – work on the set was supposed to begin in the spring of 2020. General Director of UPI Russia Vadim Ivanov called the picture special and complex. Nikolai Lebedev and the team are faced with the task of showing the connection between generations and times.

The informational partner of the film is the Russian news agency TASS. Its CEO Sergey Mikhailov recalled that the agency’s correspondents from the first days of the Nuremberg trials until its completion took part in covering this important event for all mankind. “The archives of the agency have preserved messages and photographs of our journalists. And we will certainly support this film, ”said Sergei Mikhailov.

Director Nikolai Lebedev started working on “Nuremberg” after the release of a number of successful projects. He shot the disaster film “The Crew”, the picture about the Soviet hockey player Valery Kharlamov “Legend No. 17”, the war drama “Apostle”, fantasy “Wolfhound of the Gray Dogs»And other films.

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