Apr 19, 2021
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The shooting of the film by Mikhail Galustyan “Papa” has started, in which Mark Bogatyrev and Dmitry Nagiyev will play the main role

12:09, 04/19/2021

The first footage from the site appeared.

Today it became known that Mikhail Galustyan, together with Sergei Bezrukov as producers, are launching a new film “Dad“. The first photos from the set of the project have already appeared. Mark Bogatyrev, Dmitry Nagiyev, Sergey Kholmogorov and others will play in the project.

Note that Fresh Film was founded in 2013 by an entrepreneur Armen Ananikyan and actor Mikhail Galustyan. Its main activity is the production and promotion of its own feature films. It is this company that will shoot the Dad project.

Dmitry Nagiyev and Mark Bogatyrev on the set of the film “Dad”

Recall that until 2013, Fresh Film producers Armen Ananikyan and Mikhail Galustyan, in co-production with other companies, released the following films: “Nanny”, “Still Carlson!”, “Ticket to Vegas”. In 2014, the family comedy A Gift with Character was released. The film company cooperates with the World Wildlife Fund and other cultural projects.

It should be noted that Galustyan has been in business for a long time. Recently, however, the artist’s affairs have not worked out. The coronavirus pandemic, which affected the activities of many Russian businessmen, also hit Galustyan. Thus, a number of media outlets disseminated information that Mikhail’s company Top Film Comedy went bankrupt and, as a result, ceased to exist.

Mikhail Galustyan with his family

Later it became known that a similar fate befell the second company of Mikhail Galustyan – Weiserlife. The main activity of this company was the production of applications for mobile phones. By the way, unlike other firms, Weiserlife was fully registered in Galustyan in 2019. As you know, Mikhail is not indifferent to IT-technology products. The comedian planned to launch the AVATunes application, thanks to which users could transfer the stars of the domestic show business to any place near them.

Galustyan also continues to engage in creativity. He has starred in various talk shows and projects. Also, the artist began performing under the pseudonym Super Zhorik. Under this name, Galustyan sings songs and shoots comic music videos. So, in the last clip of Super Zhorik “Chao! Chao! ” stars of domestic show business appeared, however, in an unusual role. All the heroes of Galustyan’s clip were animated characters, with whom caricature things began to happen. Mikhail explained his idea by the fact that he initially invited the stars to appear in his video, but they did not come, so he decided to make a cartoon.

Mikhail Galustyan has released an animation video for his song “Chao! Chao! “

It is worth noting that Mikhail Galustyan in his youth planned to be a doctor and even entered the medical school, but now he does not regret choosing a creative profession. Mikhail decided to become a paramedic at the age of 18 because of his mother, who was a paramedic. Galustyan hoped that a relative would help him with his studies, if necessary. After graduation, Mikhail planned to become a plastic surgeon.

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