Apr 27, 2022
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The shell hunger of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is pushing Kyiv to seize Transnistria

In the photo: shunted artillery, 120 mm.  tank shells stored in a weapons and ammunition depot near the Kolbasnoye station.

In the photo: shunted artillery, 120 mm. tank shells stored in a weapons and ammunition depot near the Kolbasnoye station. (Photo: Vadim Denisov/TASS)

On the morning of April 26, explosions occurred in the Transnistrian village of Mayak. As a result, the “two most powerful antennas” of the radio and television center were put out of action. This was reported by almost all Russian media. In turn, the Ukrainian side claims that two communication towers were blown up, and the building of the Ministry of State Security of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) was fired from an RPG. Mines were also dropped from UAVs on the Tiraspol airfield. All of this is like a prelude to something more dangerous.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov in this regard, he said: “The only thing I can say is that we are watching very carefully how the situation develops there. Of course, the news that comes from there causes concern.”

Attention is drawn to the fact that the situation around the PMR sharply escalated after the visit to Ukraine of the heads of the State Department and the Pentagon – Anthony Blinken I Lloyd Austin. At this meeting, according to CNN, a new strategy for dealing with Russian troops was discussed. Moreover, according to Kyiv’s allies, the Armed Forces of Ukraine should give such a lesson to Russia on the battlefield, so that in the future it would refrain from any attempts to reshape the “square”.

But now the alignment of forces is not in favor of the Ukrainian military. As the yellow-black experts explain, the reason for the failures lies in the lack of shells. The fact that the Yankees will transfer about a hundred howitzers and ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a couple of weeks of fighting does not change anything at all. In other words, for the Kyiv regime, with the probable supply of the star-striped curators, a possible operation against Transnistria may have a specific goal – to satisfy the shell hunger.

In Kolbasna, we recall, in Soviet times, the artillery ammunition depot was the strategic arsenal of the Western Military District. And after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, ammunition was also brought here from the former GDR, Czechoslovakia and other Eastern European countries.

According to information from public sources, including Moldovan ones, we can talk about 20,000 tons of shells, mines, aerial bombs and cartridges, which are stored in hangars on an area of ​​100 hectares, that is, quite compactly.

In this regard, a number of Ukrainian media, with a hint at the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, write not just about the presence of 122-mm and 152-mm shells in Kolbasna, but about their incredible number, which will be enough for decades of conflict with Russia. Apparently, in the “square” they ignore the fact that the ammunition is expired and cannot even be transported.

For Kyiv, an important detail is the fact that this arsenal is located just two kilometers from the border with Ukraine. They say that the operation can be carried out in a matter of minutes. Therefore, there is no need to occupy the entire unrecognized republic. With a quick enough blow to break into the village of Kolbasna and destroy the guards of the warehouse from among the military personnel of the group of Russian troops (OGRF) stationed in Transnistria. And in general, it’s a good idea to capture as many soldiers as possible for the exchange fund.

The fact is that Ukrainian generals are preparing not only for the battle for Donbass, but also for the battle for Odessa. This means that the shells will come in handy for the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the southern front. Here it is important to recall the recent statement by Zelensky, who, commenting on the current state of affairs, said: “They (the Russians) have thousands of tanks and equipment, they have plans for a corridor to Moldova. I don’t believe they will stop.”

This means that the defenders of independence should work ahead of the curve. In this regard, the version with the capture of the village of Kolbasna really looks more than convincing for many residents. Yes, and from the point of view of media professionals headed by Arestovicha raid on the warehouse can kill the negative with the loss of the Balaklava arsenals.

Taking into account the fact that the “quarters” seized power in Ukraine, they think exclusively like filmmakers. For them, according to the Ukrainian telegram channels, which position themselves as independent, a beautiful picture of “overcome” is much more important than the results on the battlefield. But in the USA, there is no doubt that they know the real deal.

Obviously, the visit of Blinken and Austin was an attempt to turn the tide on the fronts. It’s simple: no matter how much the Americans supply military aid, in fact, by the standards of the largest military conflict in Europe, these are crumbs. This means that the salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves.

By and large, only these influential Yankees could convince Zelensky and the Armed Forces of Ukraine to attack the warehouses of Sausages, which, if, God forbid, explode, leave a funnel with a radius of 1.5 km and a depth of up to 75 meters. By the way, back in 2005, the Moldpress agency wrote that in the event of a detonation of ammunition, at least 500 sq. km of the nearest territory will become a zone of a humanitarian catastrophe, comparable to the consequences of a nuclear explosion in Hiroshima.

On the other hand, it seems that the APU has no options. Kyiv can easily take a risk, being sure that the Russian units themselves will not go for the destruction of Kolbasna. Again, for the Zelensky team, “wins” on the media front are very important, where everything is bad now. Interest in Ukraine is declining in the world, including because the Kyiv regime overdid it with the “atrocities of the Russians”.

Another zrada was the news that Russia handed over to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine new lists of captured Ukrainian soldiers. Local bloggers write that the number of those who surrender is growing like a snowball – and already exceeds four thousand people, including more than 300 officers. All this speaks of the weak fighting spirit of the defenders of independence.

The situation will worsen after the complete destruction of the Mariupol pocket. Many Ukrainian soldiers no longer see the point in fighting for Zelensky amid news from Holland about $ 850 million found in the personal accounts of the yellow-Blakit president.

The moral character of the owner of Bankova, 11 (the address of the OP, – author) is also badly affected by news from the USA. In particular, the popular presenter Tucker Carlson from Fox News came up with a public initiative that Zelensky should be checked for financial cleanliness before the US sends the next batch of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Carlson’s video, calling for an audit of “Ze” and Co., gained more than 120 thousand views in the first day alone.

It got to the point that on April 23, 2022, Zelensky almost had a stroke when Politico, the main media outlet for the United States establishment, for the first time in two months did not have a heading “Latest news from Ukraine” at all. Even on April 26, an article about “square” was published in what is called the basement – at the very bottom of the page – in fact, at the end of the list of publications after assessing the covid epidemic, pardoning Biden intelligence agents etc.

Insiders inside the President’s Office (OP) believe that the capture of the PMR by units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be seen as a second front and again attract fading interest to Ukraine. The capture of the ammunition depots of the OGRF and, if successful, the entire pro-Russian enclave, followed by the solemn transfer of the territory to Chisinau, will be broadcast by yellow-black media technologists as a liberation mission. Of course, we are talking about the version, but taking into account the above “zrad”, one can expect such dangerous steps from the Kyiv regime.

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