Nov 15, 2022
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The shaman is only happy to criticize his work


Singer Shaman was criticized by Ksenia Sobchak.

For three months, the video for the song “I’m Russian” gained more than 20 million views. The composition is still actively discussed on the Web. The public is delighted with the patriotic lines of the singer SHAMAN, however, there were those who expressed a critical assessment.

Ksenia Sobchak was skeptical about some lines of the artist’s hit. In particular, she had questions about the phrase: “I am Russian to spite the whole world.” “Honestly, I don’t understand why, for self-identification, we always need to oppose ourselves to someone“, – wrote the journalist.

SHAMAN preferred not to pay attention to criticism, but after another publication, Sobchak decided to speak out to him. The answer, to the surprise of the haters, turned out to be friendly.

Singer Shaman
Singer Shaman

I thought I should thank her for such a powerful promotion and promotion of my work. And so he did. Recorded a video message, said thank you. And there is no irony on my part, as many might think. This is her reaction to my songs. Yes, the reaction is unusual, but she has every right to it. Although Ksenia said something not very flattering about me, so many more people found out about me. For which I am very grateful”, — shares the star.

The performer does not hold a grudge against Alexander Gudkov, who shot a parody of the song “I am Russian”. But many found it offensive. They even wrote a statement to the Prosecutor General’s Office against the TV presenter.

I think that Alexander is my fan who sincerely liked this song. Thank you very much for the additional PR and drawing attention to me and my work!“- said the 30-year-old SHAMAN, quoted by “OK!”.

The musician notes that close attention to his person and creativity is just a cost of the profession. The star prefers to give all her strength to work, and not to squabbles on the Web.

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