May 13, 2020
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The series “Women's Secrets”: what remains behind the scenes

Now on the channel "Ukraine" is 12 - a serial melodramatic film "Women's Secrets". The main characters of the series - 17 - a summer student Julia and 30 - a summer psychologist Marta, to whom young Julia comes with an unexpected request.

Julia is pregnant and wants to have an abortion. Julia’s mother died a few years ago, and she does not dare to tell about this to dad. Remembering the mistakes of her youth, Martha decides to reveal the truth to her father, businessman Ivan. But he turns out to be Marta's first and great love, from which she herself was pregnant 12 years ago.

Julia played 22 - summer Irina Grishak. The psychologist Martha was played by actress Valeria Lanskaya, her beloved person - Vlad Nikityuk. And in the role of Julia’s father, viewers will see Prokhor Dubravin. Pavel Vishnyakov, Victoria Litvinenko, Malkhaz Abuladze, Lyudmila Zagorskaya, Eric Abramovich, Ksenia Mishina, Irina Melnik, Konstantin Koretsky and other actors also starred in the series.

- The most difficult scenes were many tears, - says the director of the series Maxim Meheda. - The script, as befits a melodrama, is full of emotional scenes. The main characters often had to cry, experiencing a particular situation. Many scenes were shot from different angles, different sizes and a large number of frames were taken to create dynamics. So, human resources are not unlimited. And at the end of the shooting day, except for a headache, the heroines had emptiness and terrible fatigue on their faces. I had to rearrange the scenes in the film plan in places, give time for restoration. And sometimes just a joke, a story, a conversation to switch, distract. Actresses found resources and thank you very much for that!

Overheard on the set!

How the work went on and what difficulties its creators faced - the most interesting details .

"There is a place to live"

The shooting took place in Kiev and the Kiev region last summer. The director of the series was Maxim Meheda, who is known to viewers for such works as "Forget and Remember" and "According to the laws of the war." According to the director, the phrase “there is where to live” reveals the plot of his new serial film.

- In general, our film is about that. Everyone in this story has its own past and many secrets in it. Heroes for a long time and carefully concealed their mistakes, small and big tragedies, pain or long-standing love. But once all this comes out - the characters have to cope with all the challenges and blows of fate. I’m sure that it will be interesting to observe their life vicissitudes, ”says Maxim Meheda.

Irina Grishak began acting in films 2 years ago

The roles of two girls - Marta and Julia - actresses Valeria Lanskaya and Irina Grishak played with similar fates. But if Valeria is an actress with experience and impressive filmography, then Irina began acting in films only 2 years ago. Nevertheless, 22 - the summer girl has already played in more than 10 projects, among which there are three main roles. Irina says that success in the acting profession depends on many factors, including luck.

- Certainly, you need talent, comprehensive development, communication, but there is a place for luck, lottery, luck to be in right time in the right place. Someone in 40 gets the first big roles, but then until the end of his life stays afloat, being great. And someone since childhood has not crawled out of the frame, - says the actress.

Valeria Lanskaya gained experience from psychologists

Despite the dozens of roles played in Cinema, Valeria Lanskaya used to prepare for each new project thoroughly. Therefore, she began to learn about the nuances of the profession of a psychologist in advance.

- All people are different. And psychologists are people too. Therefore, she did not adopt manners. But I read a lot about the profession and talked with two of its representatives personally. Asked questions ... a lot of useful on the set. The night shifts were the most difficult for me in this project, because at night it was unbearably hard for me to work, the actress admitted.

Actors performed almost all the stunts themselves

There were a lot of difficult filming, according to the director. For example, a fire at the cottage of one of the heroes. To control the fire and safely conduct the shooting, the project team decided to build a room in which the flame should break out, that is, to recreate one of the rooms of a real house. After all, the cottage cottage is the real one.

- We impregnated the walls and floor in the decoration with the necessary fire-fighting fluids and thought out all the safe measures, says Maxim Meheda. - Naturally, all those responsible during the shooting of the “fire of the room” were worried and exhaled only after it was said, “Thank you all, for today everything!”

The fight scenes were also difficult. male roles - Prokhor Dubravin, Eric Abramovich and Pavel Vishnyakov - had to fight on the set. The artists prepared for such scenes in advance, so in the frame almost all the stunts performed themselves.

A torn double

If everything was successful with stunts and fire, then at another location - the railway station ntions of the village where late in the evening 17 - the summer Yulia is disembarked from the train without a ticket and money - there was an incident.

- With electric trains at the current station everything is so simple, we had to adjust the shooting schedule to the train schedule, that is, everyone understood and prepared for one single double.The cameraman with the team put out the night light, put the cart on, rehearsed a simple mise-en-scene with actors, in which Julia leaves the departing train, goes to station, understands that the door to the building is already closed, sits on a bench, to n a homeless man sits down for her, a little frightens her and further hooligans. So, at the moment when the long-awaited train went, and Julia with her bag went along the given path to the station building, the homeless man was confused in the frame, not understanding what was happening. At some point, he still realized that he had ruined the frame, and began to run away to the starting one, behind the building. But it was too late! Then it turned out that he didn’t hear the team, - said Maxim Meheda.

You can love Julia after 9 series

For the artists themselves, their roles were also difficult . Valeria Lanskaya says she rarely fully supports her heroines, but in this case she would have done the same. And Irina Grishak admits that the viewer will be able to understand Julia, or maybe even love, from the series of commercials of the 9th. But for Vlad Nikityuk, who played the guy Martha, who does not dare to marry his girlfriend, this position of the hero is understandable. be able to support his family. If there is not such a soil, it seems to me that it is better not to rush. But what made me leave the comfort zone during the filming was the fact that my character is a drinker. I was in the "sport" mode and for a long time I did not enjoy the tastes of different types of alcohol, so I had to remember, Vlad Nikityuk laughs.

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