Oct 14, 2020
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The series “Epidemic” with Kirill Kyaro and Victoria Isakova was extended for the 2nd season

17:23, 13.10.2020

The premiere of the serial film is scheduled for the fall of 2021.

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The Epidemic series became available to Internet users in November 2019. Then the first episode of a drama series was released on the Premier video service, which takes place in the near future. In the center of the plot is the story of a family with a difficult relationship. The heroes have to understand the relationship against the backdrop of a global catastrophe.

According to the plot, the main character of "Epidemic" with his relatives leaves Moscow, trying to escape from the deadly virus. Symptoms resemble regular flu, but treatment does not work - after the incubation period, death occurs. A cure for the virus has not yet been found, and you can save yourself in the only safe place where you have to fight for resources. The script is based on the novel by the Russian writer Yana Wagner.

Film crew of the series "Epidemic"

There are eight episodes in the first season of Epidemic. Yesterday it became known that the multi-part film, which has become popular all over the world, has been decided to be extended. The producer of the Epidemic series, Evgeny Nikishkov, announced that the shooting of the second season of the film would begin soon. Now the creators of the series are finishing work on the script. The first episodes of the new season of Epidemic are planned to be shown to viewers no earlier than autumn 2021. The American video service Netflix retained the priority right to purchase the sequel to the serial if they liked it. This became known live in the microblog of the RBC edition on Instagram.

The first season of Epidemic has already gained popularity around the world. The video service Netflix has bought the rights to broadcast the serial film. In the first week, the Russian TV series was among the leaders in terms of views - it ranks fourth. Also "Epidemic" entered the TOP-10 TV series in 56 countries of the world.

In his microblog on Twitter, the series "Epidemic" was even appreciated by Stephen King. The writer really liked the camera work and the picture as a whole. The producer of the series "Epidemic" believes that the reason for the popularity of the picture is that the story told on the screens is now very relevant for all inhabitants of the planet.

Poster for the Epidemic series for foreign viewers

“While working on Epidemic, we, frankly, did not set ourselves the task of blowing up the international market, although we hoped so. It was important for us to show the relationship between people who are on the verge of life and death and want to survive at all costs. Will they manage not to lose their human face? How far are they willing to go to save themselves and their loved ones? These are the universal questions that are driving our story forward. And if they turned out to be understandable and close to the foreign viewer, it means that we really managed to find something very important and relevant - something that these days worries millions of viewers around the world, ”said Valery Fedorovich. We add that the main role in the series "Epidemic" was played by actor Kirill Kyaro, familiar to the audience for his roles in the films "The Sniffer", "Treason", "Reckoning", "Passengers".

Kirill Kyaro with an exclusive video interview for "Around TV"

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