Jan 27, 2021
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The series “Alice’s Dreams” was the only one from Russia to be included in the top best projects of the Berlinale Series Market

19:38, 26.01.2021

Ekaterina Vilkova plays the main role in the serial.

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In March this year, the European Film Market will take place at the Berlin International Film Festival. The event will be held online. The new TV series TV-3 produced by 1-2-3 Production “Alice’s Dreams” has hit the top of the best on the Berlinale Series Market. Moreover, this is the only project from Russia, which was included in the top of the most interesting TV series with the greatest marketing potential, according to the selection committee of the film market.

“Alice’s Dreams” is a multi-part mystical thriller directed by Andrei Dzhunkovsky, known for such projects as “Sweet Life”, “Better than People”, “BIKHEPPI”. Valery Fedorovich and Evgeny Nikishov were the producers of the serial film. Work on the project started in December 2019 in Karelia. The main roles in the series were played by Alina Gvasaliya, Vasilina Yuskovets and Ekaterina Vilkova. The project will also feature Denis Shvedov and Alexandra Child. Work on the project started in December 2019 in Karelia. The series will be presented to an international audience in Germany. Viewers will see 11 other projects from around the world, which were also included in the top of the best TV series. These include Spanish and British serials, as well as projects from Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Australia and Canada.

Shot from the series “Alice’s Dreams”

Pictures “Alice’s Dreams” tells the story of the girl Alice, who finds herself in an enchanted town and tries with all her might to escape from it. She is having problems with her foster mother and problems at school. To top it all off, Alice begins to have eerie prophetic dreams. Together with her friend, she plans an escape. But it is extremely difficult to implement the plan, because there is no connection with the outside world, because local residents do not have mobile phones or access to the Internet.

Let’s remind, Denis Shchvedov, who took part in the filming of “Alice’s Dreams”, plays the main role in the TV series “Former”. Last week on START, the third serial was released. The main female role is played by Lyubov Aksenova. Together with them, in the continuation of the story, Alexander Khovansky, Sergey Galakhov, Natalia Rogozhkina, Lyubov Germanova and others starred. In addition, in the third season of The Forces, the film debut of the singer Polina Gagarina took place. The project was directed by Ivan Kitaev.

Exclusive video interview by Denis Shvedov for “Around TV”

Gagarina plays a writer and a popular coach in the TV series Former. According to the plot of the multi-part film, she will become a client of the protagonist – consultant psychologist Ilya. Polina said in November that the TV series “The Forces” became one of the few serial films that she watched to the end. The singer also admitted that the offer to take part in the continuation of this picture was a surprise to her. Gagarina is an actress by training, but her work in “The Former” became her first big screen role since graduating from the Moscow Art Theater School.

Note that Polina Gagarina is currently going through a difficult period in her life. At the end of November last year, she filed for divorce from 42-year-old Dmitry Iskhakov. Rumors about their separation were circulating back in 2019. In January 2020, after returning from a vacation in the Maldives, the couple unsubscribed from each other on Instagram, stopped posting joint photos on microblogs, and the artist took off her wedding ring. In May, the information that the star couple did not live together was confirmed.

Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov

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