Feb 20, 2021
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The sequel to “Sex and the City” will be released without Mr. Big

The sequel to the cult series “Sex in a Big City” will be released without Mr. Big. The performer of this role, Chris Noth, refused to shoot.

The sequel to

The demiurges of the cult series “Sex in a Big City” have taken to work on a sequel, which will tell about the life of already matured girlfriends in New York. The series’ breathers will be able to contemplate on the screen the same Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte (Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Christine Davis, respectively), but Samantha will not be continued. Kim Cattrall refused to shoot, claiming that she was already for this dilapidation.

Not hungry to take part in the sequel to one more cast actor – Chris Noth, performer of the role of Mr. Big, “Carrie Bradshaw’s dream men.”

To explain his absence, the demiurges will make it look as if Mr. Big died of a heart attack.

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