Apr 18, 2022
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The secret weapon of the Kremlin, or why Biden shook hands with the void

In the photo, US President Joe Biden during a speech at the State Agricultural and Technical University of North Carolina in Greensboro

Pictured is US President Joe Biden during a speech at North Carolina State Agricultural and Technical University in Greensboro (Photo: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster/TASS)

During a speech at the Agricultural Academy of North Carolina Joe Biden made a speech about the “Evil Empire – Russia”. Separately, he dwelled on the role of North American farmers in overcoming the impending food crisis in the world. Then the President of the United States turned sideways to the podium, coughed into his fist and extended his hand for a handshake … to the void.

The oil painting caused a wave of shame for America in one part of the Yankees, and unbridled joy in another. Experts immediately started talking about the exacerbation of dementia in the old leader of the United States due to constant stress. The fact is that Biden is rightly considered one of the architects of globalization, as a new world order, in which, according to the logic of the “Washington regional committee”, humanity should not have faced the biblical famine at all.

Lack of food “explodes” globalism and sharply worsens the authority of the United States. So Biden really had reasons to cloud his mind. He is aware that in hungry countries the Yankees will be blamed, not the Russians, because the hegemon did not resolve the situation.

So, according to the latest data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, global food prices rose by 13% between February and March 2022. FAO informs that the strongest price growth is observed in oilseeds and cereals, which have risen in price by 23% and 17% respectively.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, in 2021 Russia and Ukraine produced 58% of the world’s sunflower oil, 19% of all oats and barley, and 14% of all wheat. Moreover, most of it was grown for export to world markets, to which Russian and Ukrainian grain traders supplied 44% of rye, 30% of barley and 25% of wheat.

However, the largest monthly increase in grain prices since World War II reflects not only serious problems with logistics from the Black Sea region, but, according to US Department of Agriculture analysts, is a consequence of the food selfishness of China and India. The last two countries, which were allegedly notified in advance by Russia about the upcoming special operation, have accumulated huge stocks of wheat and rice.

Separately, we also note that the United States is a major consumer of Ukrainian wheat, which is exported from Nenko agricultural complexes owned by Americans and other Western landlords. According to data from the States, the Yankees have already “grabbed” a third of the Ukrainian black soil during the announced Zelensky farmland sales. They were going to buy the remaining two-thirds in two or three years, creating the conditions for the ruin of the local villagers.

We are talking about the Ukrainian “land reform”, carried out strictly in the interests of the star-striped “sharks of capitalism”. Recall that due to the peculiarities of overseas conditions of agricultural production, not wheat, but corn and soybeans are the basic crop of the United States. In short, Wall Street hoped to make America’s wheat appendage out of “nenka” in order to confirm the American status of hegemon. Like, if you want to eat, go to Washington.

Now the global food situation is such that every country is “working like a food vacuum cleaner”, including to create emergency stocks. Recall that in 2020-2021 there was a severe bout of food inflation caused by the covid pandemic. By February 2022, prices were 38% higher than in January 2020, but now they are another 55% higher than before the “advent of the corona”.

The United States wants to smooth out the global food crisis at the expense of China. True, it does not work very well! The states, on the one hand, send weapons to Taiwan and provoke it to “sovereignty”, on the other hand, they call on China for large-scale wheat interventions on the global market.

According to a Bloomberg publication, “Beijing’s wheat stockpiles are large enough to fill the (global) shortfall, but is it ready to step in and help?” America is trying to shift the arrows of responsibility from itself, loved ones, to the Middle Kingdom. The only question is why China? Emergency supplies of food are created to ensure their own national security, and not to be scattered because of the “Wishlist” of the Yankees.

China’s wheat stocks doubled between 2014 and 2019, from 76 million metric tons to 150 million tons, about half of the world’s stocks. This will be enough for the Chinese for 18 months, if suddenly the PRC is left without a harvest, that is, until the next grain harvest. History, meanwhile, shows that turmoil can last for years.

Yes, a conflict broke out between Russia and Ukraine, but what does the rest of the world have to do with it, they argue in various capitals. Everyone has known about the confrontation between Moscow and Kyiv since 2014. It is no secret that the Slavic brothers would have come to a compromise if not for the Anglo-Saxon policy and the American puppet regime in Kyiv. This means that it is the States that bear the greatest responsibility for what is happening in Ukraine.

By the way, the FAO emphasizes that the shortage caused by the violation of logistics, read, anti-Russian sanctions, is to blame for food inflation. Meanwhile, for many countries, cheap bread is the basis of political stability. Take, for example, Egypt, which, by the standards of the third world, is considered a fairly successful state.

In the new history, there have already been two food riots in the Land of the Pyramids: in 1977, when the authorities wanted to cancel the subsidizing of the “poor people’s flatbread”, and in 2011, when the price of grain unexpectedly rose on world markets. Now a third case has “drawn up”, which may break out at the end of the year if there are no new deliveries from Russia and Ukraine.

Bloomberg, being a spokesman for Washington’s policy, writes that Egypt itself is to blame for this situation, since “saving the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves.” The problem, however, is that over the past 35 years, the population of this country has doubled and today stands at 100 million people, and the areas of agricultural land on the banks and in the Nile Delta, both were insignificant, and remained so.

Now all hope is in India, which has managed to sharply increase grain exports from 1 to 6.5 million tons. But, firstly, this is not enough, and, secondly, the phenomenal harvest was obtained due to weather conditions: there was as much rain as needed – no more, no less. You could say that the Land of the Sacred Cows was just lucky. Against the background of the conflict in the Black Sea region, New Delhi is likely to increase its strategic stocks of wheat, rather than export the surplus.

It is important to point out one point here: it was the high prices for wheat that made its production in India, and in some other countries, profitable. But prices for fertilizers are growing even faster, which will definitely lead to an increase in the cost of bread and to a reduction in sown areas. In Ukraine, in the part that is not affected by the fighting, many of the largest agricultural companies have already declared themselves bankrupt. And it’s not a conflict: the money that was received for the last harvest is not enough for the current sowing.

Pictured: As the speech ended, the American president turned to his right and raised his hand in the air for a few moments before turning around and wandering around the stage for a few seconds.  He then moved to the other side of the stage to shake hands with those in the audience.
Pictured: As the speech ended, the American president turned to his right and raised his hand in the air for a few moments before turning around and wandering around the stage for a few seconds. He then moved to the other side of the stage to shake hands with those in the audience (Photo: video quote)

Not just a Fox News anchor Sean Hannitycommenting on Biden’s speech at the Agricultural Academy of North Carolina, attacked the head of the White House. He said, in part: “Today, Biden took the time to condemn Russia. All this is a complete lie! Who is he shaking hands with? There’s no one there! He’s been president for nearly 15 months now – and things are going wrong. I mean, in general, everything. The cost of food and everything you can buy in the store is rising above the ceiling.”

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