Apr 6, 2021
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The second trailer of the mini-series “Loki” was released on the web

On the Web, Marvel Studio has published another trailer for the mini-series “Loki” and Thor’s half-brother. The canvas will be released on the streaming service Disney + on June 11.

The second trailer of the mini-series

The series tells what happened after the events reflected in “Avengers: Endgame”. Then the trickster god kidnapped the Tesseract and created a new time loop. In Loki, the protagonist will be delayed by the onion of the Temporary Change Management Mobius and will force him to fix everything.

The main role in the series was fought by Tom Hiddleston. Owen Wilson, Sophie Di Martino, Gugu Embata-Ro, Richard E. Grant and others also took part in the filming of the film. The series was directed by Keith Herron. Recall that the first footage from the filming of the films was published in early March.

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