Aug 23, 2022
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The seal came into the house without asking and scared the cat

the seal came into the house without askingWhen Phil Ross and his wife returned home, they saw that an unexpected visitor had made their way to them.

the seal came into the house without asking

Residents of Mount Maunganui (New Zealand) admired a young seal, which explored different rooms with curiosity. One member of the family was definitely not happy about the invasion – this is Koko’s house cat. It is assumed that just through the cat’s hole in the door the seal was able to squeeze into the dwelling. Soon, a ranger from the Department of Conservation arrived to help Phil, who caught the seal and then released it into the sea. But as for the cat, she retired to a neighbor’s house and did not appear until the next day. Apparently, the pet was indeed very frightened of the pinniped guest.

the seal came into the house without asking

Phil, who coincidentally is a marine biologist, explained that young seals sometimes behave like rebellious teenagers – they walk on their own and do not always realize where they end up. The man added that his children have long dreamed of a new pet, but such a pet is still too much.

The cat did not calm down until he knocked over all the bottles


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