Nov 18, 2022
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The seagull, with which the woman is friends, made a mess and pecked her friend in the nose

a seagull pecks a woman on the noseHayley Binnington got herself an unusual girlfriend – this is a noisy and rather hooligan seagull, which the woman named Bernie.

a seagull pecks a woman on the nose

True, a resident of Worthing (West Sussex, England) suspects that Bernie flies to visit her not at all because of any particularly warm feelings, but in order to be treated to food.

a seagull pecks a woman on the nose

This time, the bird appeared for a different purpose – to make a mess in Hayley’s apartment. The lady tried to somehow prevent this disgrace and grabbed the feathered creature in her hands, but then Bernie finally became insolent and pecked his friend in the nose. After that, Hayley threw the seagull out the window and began to count the losses and damages.

a seagull pecks a woman on the nose

During the struggle, Bernie managed to knock out one of the veneers for her, but the woman was much more worried about the bleeding nose. However, Hayley soon calmed down, realizing that the injury would disappear without a trace in a couple of days. A seagull appeared on the windowsill after a few minutes, as if nothing had happened. One would like to think that the bird wanted to apologize, but Hayley is sure that it was all about the delicious smell of potato wedges, which she cooked shortly before.

The raven decided to annoy the eagle by sitting on his head

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