Mar 29, 2021
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The screenwriter of “Evening Urgant” called the process of writing jokes for the presenter “thankless”

18:43, 03/29/2021

The scriptwriters talked about the difficulties of working with Ivan Urgant.

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The TV show “Evening Urgant” has been aired on Channel One since 2012, and a large creative team helps Ivan Urgant to release it every weekday. Many of its members are successful in other projects as well. For example, in 2018, the comic show Comment Out started on the Chicken Curry YouTube channel with Vladimir Marconi as the host. Together with him, Alexander Gudkov is working on the project, Vadim Seleznev, Grigory Shatokhin – all four before Comment Out worked together on “Evening Urgant”. And in the new issue “Beware, Sobchak!” talked about the inner workings of their profession.

Ksenia Sobchak, in an interview with Marconi, noted that Ivan Urgant in Russian show business is the best at associative humor – he quickly and skillfully comes up with jokes based on associations. Vladimir agreed with her and added that for five years he was one of the screenwriters of “Evening Urgant” and at some point he became scared, because he did not want to lose his own intonation. Having become the host of Comment Out, he found himself in a position to voice his own jokes on-screen.

Vladimir Marconi

The Comment Out format gave him a lot of freedom, and as a result, the project gained scandalous popularity. It is worth saying that the creators of the project invite the stars in the studio to write a provocative commentary on the microblog of some other celebrity. Refusal to complete the assignment is punishable by punishment.

Sobchak tried to ask Alexander Gudkov why Marconi worked with him, but allegedly did not work with Ivan Urgant. Gudkov disagreed with her, noting that Vladimir simply wanted more personal growth, so he felt cramped in “Evening Urgant”. “He worked a lot in the author’s composition of Vecherny Urgant, wrote a monologue to Ivan Andreevich …”, Gudkov said about his colleague.

Ksenia Sobchak and Alexander Gudkov

Ksenia Anatolyevna really wanted to find out from Marconi and the Chicken Curry team, with whom they had the most terrible job in life, when the screenwriter comes up with a great joke, and the artist presents it poorly in public. “I screwed up such a joke! It would be better if he gave it to Urgant: he would have done it funny, ”Ksenia described the alleged situation. However, the example with Ivan Andreevich Grigory Shatokhin seemed unsuccessful. “To do this with Urgant is a thankless job. You write a joke for Vanya and think that it is ideally written for the quote, and Vanya takes only the topic from the joke and says so that you will not recognize your joke. It seems that the theme is the same, but it is said in its own way, because he is an actor, he does not have a KVN school, he delivers a joke in an actor’s way very naturally, ”explained the screenwriter of“ Evening Urgant ”and“ Chicken Curry ”.

Grigory Shatokhin

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