Nov 3, 2022
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The Scottish factor in the battle between Britain and the European Union

In addition to the energy crisis, Britain receives the activation of the separatists

In October, it became known for what purpose Scotland plans to hold an independence referendum on October 19, 2023: this is a distancing from the “economic chaos” that is growing in the UK. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that support for the Scottish to gain full sovereignty from the British has grown significantly and continues to grow, thanks, among other things, to Liz Truss’s extremely bad experience as prime minister.

According to N. Sturgeon, at present, more than 52% of its inhabitants support the independence of Scotland, and among young people this percentage is even higher. The First Minister of Scotland also stated that the current economic policy of Great Britain is “disaster”, so Scotland will create its own currency and its own central bank.

In the meantime, the First Minister constantly emphasizes that Scotland “will not turn its back” on the UK when it becomes independent, but will strive to build a “relationship on an equal footing.” The grounds for such politeness should be sought, apparently, in the fact that the current strategy for gaining independence by Scotland for the time being is to remain within the framework of the UK’s monetary policy and keep the pound in circulation for at least a few years.

The head of Scotland also announced new reasons for independence from Great Britain – immediately after the resignation of Liz Truss. At the same time, he called the resignation itself another argument in favor of independence. “It is difficult to put into words the extent of the utter confusion the Tory Party is now in, and in turn the extent of how dysfunctional the UK has become as a result.… – the publication quotes the first minister of Scotland Couriernothing in the past six years, including the premierships of Theresa May and Boris Johnson, has come close to the rise and political demise of the Truss… Frankly, the case for independence is getting stronger by the hour as people across Scotland look on in horror at the chaos playing out on screens our TVs“.

The departure of British Prime Minister Liz Truss, whose relationship with the Scottish authorities was called “openly hostile”, gave supporters of independence and other weighty trump cards. First of all, with regard to the neutralization of the Napoleonic plans of the retired British government regarding the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas reserves in the territories of Scotland. Supporters of independence believe that the Scots themselves can perfectly manage to receive large-scale profits from them, without the British.

In addition to internal reasons pushing Scotland to secede, the factor of its separatization from England is becoming increasingly important in the battle between Britain and the European Union that unfolded after Brexit and the start of the so-called covid pandemic. By the end of 2020, it became clear that the big multinationals no longer intended to stay in London. The City there rapidly, one by one, lost large headquarters of multinational companies, over a hundred of which moved from London to Amsterdam alone. Among others, then such world-famous giants as Sony, Panasonic, Discovery, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Canon etc.

Simultaneously with this, banks rushed to continental Europe from the City of London, massively choosing Paris and Frankfurt instead of the capital of Foggy Albion. Even the European banking agency itself – the banking regulator of the European Union – has been busy moving from London to Paris. At the same time, many of the largest and most influential banks on the planet announced their move to Paris, such as JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, HSBC. German Frankfurt am Main was also in favor, it was chosen Goldman Sachs, Citygroup, Barclays…

At the same time, in the midst of the “pandemic” in Europe, they started talking louder and louder about the collapse of the post-Brexit UK itself. The Euronews channel increasingly began to show news about the desire of Northern Ireland to connect with Ireland, and Scotland and Wales – to leave the British and join the EU. Increasingly, the names of any structures, even at first glance freaky, but advocating separatization from the British, structures, such as the Northern Independence Party, began to flicker in the European media more and more often.

However, the launch of the Global Britain project and especially the war unleashed by the Anglo-Saxons in the center of Europe (in Ukraine) changed everything dramatically. And even deployed some processes in the opposite direction Turning millions of Ukrainians into the cannon fodder of Slavic strife – to undermine the energy and other security of continental Europe – has become a key means to achieve the goals of the architects of post-Brexit Britain. The main of these goals is the destruction of the economy and industry of the current leader of a united Europe, Germany, in order to then “reassemble” the EU under the Anglo-Saxons.

The first fruits of this are already evident. Only they are reaping so far mainly not insular, but transatlantic Anglo-Saxons. According to Wall Street Magazine As of September of this year, European companies are increasingly moving factories to the US. In Europe, they face wild fluctuations in gas prices and supply chain problems after the start of the NWO. The US is offering them more stable energy prices and significant government support. This primarily attracts producers of steel, chemicals and other energy-intensive goods. The expansion of its activities in the United States has already been announced, for example, by the Danish jewelry company Pandora and even German Volkswagena Tesla suspended plans to produce batteries in Germany, considering the possibility of obtaining US tax breaks…

It is noteworthy that when the Americans began to count the profits from the Europeans fleeing to them in September, the cunning British, who themselves counted on this, received an economic and energy crisis instead of profits. And now, in addition to it, Britain is also receiving the activation of separatists, whose actions fit well into the framework of the regionalization project – crushing / trimming the “too large” territorial countries of Europe. And the Scottish independence project is far from the only one in this series.

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