Dec 28, 2020
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The scandal around Hilaria Baldwin: how the actor’s wife was caught in a lie about her ethnic origin

The scandal around Hilaria Baldwin: how the actor's wife was caught in a lie about her ethnic origin

Hilaria baldwin

Recently, the wife of 62-year-old actor Alec Baldwin, 36-year-old Hilaria, found herself at the center of a major online scandal. A yoga instructor, writer and mother of five, who is usually discussed in the press exclusively in the context of motherhood and a healthy lifestyle, was caught in a lie. For years, fans were convinced that Hilaria was Spanish. She herself always spoke with pride about this in her interviews and on television. However, an investigation of Internet users has shown that this is not entirely true.

Hilaria baldwinHilaria baldwin

It all started with a comment from one of the users who said that Hilaria had only been posing as a Spanish woman for many years. According to the user, in fact, Hilaria’s name is Hilary, and she grew up in Boston in a typical American family. Shortly thereafter, videos began to surface on the Internet in which Baldwin either spoke perfect English, or even began to pronounce phrases with a Spanish accent on purpose (in one of the videos, Hilaria even forgot how the word “cucumber” sounds in English).

Hilaria Baldwin with her youngest sonHilaria Baldwin with her youngest son

Following the Internet users conducted a whole investigation to bring Hilaria to clean water. In this they were helped by classmates of the star, who told how they studied with her at school in the United States and called her a “completely white woman,” noting also that she never had a Spanish accent. According to some netizens, Hilaria’s parents worked as professors in the United States for many years and only in 2011 retired and moved to Mallorca. At the same time, Hilaria herself previously claimed that she moved to America from Spain in 2003 to enter the University of New York.

Alec and Hilaria BaldwinAlec and Hilaria Baldwin

Due to the large amount of negativity on the network yesterday, Hilaria Baldwin made a statement on this matter on her instagram. She posted a video in which she admitted that her name was actually Hilary, and she was born in Boston, not Mallorca. At the same time, the star clarified that a lot of blood was mixed in her veins, and also stated that from childhood she grew up in two cultures and absorbed them into herself.

Yes, I’m a white girl. Let’s be clear: there are many white people in Europe, and my family is one of those. There is a lot of blood in me. I grew up in two cultures, so it’s very simple. I am very lucky that since childhood I have been speaking two different languages ​​and I try to instill this in my children. This is very important to me, especially in the context of my family living abroad. Yes, I really am a special type of Bostonian. But I am exactly who I am. It is impossible to change your origin, and I would not want to. I’m very proud of my roots

– said Baldwin, who said that because of the harassment that has arisen, she is going to stop writing on social networks for some time.

Hilaria also stated that she spent part of her childhood in Spain and part in the United States. The actor’s wife clarified that now her parents and many relatives live in Spain. Baldwin also confirmed that her name is Hilary, but said that her whole family from childhood called her Hilaria, and she herself does not consider the difference in several letters in the name so significant.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin

Soon after, her husband Alec Baldwin stood up for Hilaria. The actor also posted a video on Instagram, in which he called all publications on this subject in the press “impressively false.” He urged people to check the information that surfaced on the network and in the media, and also stated his desire to protect the person he truly loves.

Alec Baldwin’s daughter from her marriage to Kim Basinger also sided with Hilaria. Ireland Baldwin, who is on good terms with the star father’s new wife, condemned Internet users for bullying Hilaria on social networks.

It’s such a shame that someone decided to play detectives and dig so deeply into someone’s life. I don’t know how and by whom these people were brought up in general. It’s just really sad. It is the holidays now, but many are depressed and experiencing difficulties. I know this firsthand, because I myself am going through difficult moments. The last thing we need to do in this situation is to throw shit on someone and spread silly gossip about someone you don’t even really know,

– said Ireland in defense of her stepmother.

The model also added that Hilaria is a good person, a wonderful mother and a woman who takes care of her father every day and makes him happy.

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Ireland BaldwinIreland Baldwin

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