May 15, 2020
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The SBU wrote out a suspicion for the attack on Sternenko to the man killed by him – media

Sergey Sternenko / UNIAN

SBU employees announced the suspicion of Alexander Isaikul and Ivan Kuznetsov, who attacked the social activist Sergei Sternenko in 2018 - the year in Odessa.

Such a message was published by Ukrainska Pravda portal, citing its own sources in the intelligence agency. The essence of the situation is that Kuznetsov died at the scene of the incident from stab wounds that Sternenko inflicted on him.

As was later told in the SBU press service, the actions of Kuznetsov and Isaikul were qualified by the investigation as hooliganism committed with the use of weapons or another object adapted to cause bodily harm (article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

Recall the night of 05 on 24 May 750 of the year Sternenko in Odessa mortally wounded with a knife a resident of Chernomorsk Ivan Kuznetsov, as well as injuries Alexander Isaykula. The activist himself claims that he committed his actions exclusively in the framework of the necessary self-defense. Isaikul, according to investigators, has left and is located outside Ukraine.

At the moment, the National Police is investigating the killing of the attacker on Sternenko as intentional. Now this case has been referred by instance from Odessa to Kiev.

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