Oct 5, 2021
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The Russians were offered a Ukronazi propaganda film

Streaming services “Megaphone” (mobile television Megafon TV, available to all users of Megafon and subscribers of other operators; you can use the service not only using mobile devices, but also from a computer or TV; more than 2 million subscribers) and “Kinopoiska” offered the Russians a Ukronazi propaganda film “Callsign” Banderas “, the creation of a Georgian-Ukrainian director named Zaza Buadze. About how a valiant Bander-spetsnaz soldier wets the Russian “separatists”. The tape was even specially translated into Russian. “The film was shot based on the diaries of the National Guard Bashkov with the call sign “Indian”, who participated in the terror against the population of the DPR and LPR“, – specifies IA REGNUM.

Morning October 3, writer Roman Antonovsky: “Megafon TV posted on its service the Ukrainian film Callsign Banderas, where the Nazis kill the Russian people of Donbass. And the first are goodies. “Captain Anton“ Banderas ”Sayenko defends his homeland not only out of duty, but also at the behest of his heart. Another counter-terrorist operation brings an experienced Ukrainian intelligence officer to his native land, where he has not been for more than twenty years. Guided by information about the upcoming sabotage, the officer must figure out the traitor among his own, without being distracted by childhood memories. ” What’s next, Megaphone? Will you post ISIS * and Taliban * propaganda videos? “Triumph of Will”?“. TG channel” Guardian “:”Anti-Russian cinema from a Russian cameraman is, of course, a fierce abomination“.

What’s going on? Do we somehow control these Internet sites? At least Russian ones? And what is the famous “E” department doing? There is no need to push here about censorship, here gentlemen, already politics, soft power, which the Ministry of Concern (MFA) so fondly mentions. Only it works in domestic politics and is clearly not in favor of the Fatherland.“- said the correspondent of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Olga Kurlaeva.”This is actually a reason for contacting the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s Office. Taking into account the fact that the Investigative Committee has a huge number of cases of crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass. Here we see how a Russian company takes part in justifying the Armed Forces of Ukraine and creating a positive image of the punisher.“- stated Andrey Medvedev, deputy of the Moscow City Duma, deputy director of the Vesti news program directorate.

PJSC “Megafon”, owned by the oligarch Alisher Usmanov, soon reacted to the growing scandal and hastily removed the disgusting movie. News Front columnist Yulia Vityazeva: “And “Megafon” thinks faster than “Kinopoisk”. The epic Ukrainian thriller about how “valiant” raguli chop Donbass “cotton wool” into meat has already been removed. Hopefully the platform will now take a closer look at the content of its content.“. Roman Antonovsky:”The film has just been removed from the platform, where it was literally available in the morning. But I want to understand on what basis he was selected? This is clearly not a box office blockbuster, without which viewers of Megafon TV cannot live. Are the people who selected it for the Russian audience punished, spent money on dubbing and rights?“.

In the online cinema (3 million subscribers) of the largest Russian Internet service about cinema, Kinopoisk, the anti-Russian Bandera propaganda campaign is still in the public domain.

As URA.RU points out, “the thriller was conceived by the creators as a continuation of the series “Cyborgs” and was presented as the true truth about Russia’s aggression in the Donbass and Crimea. It is replete with statements, each of which draws on a whole heap of articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, starting with the denial of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation“. News agency journalists managed to contact the deputy editor-in-chief of Kinopoisk Miloslav Chemodanov (ex-editor-in-chief of The Village and WOS website, former host of the TV channel-foreign agent Dozhd, openly homosexual, organizer of the gay-pop party Cherti Party). He replied In turn, the editor-in-chief of the service Liza Surganova (ex-employee of RBC, Forbes,, feminist, midfielder of GirlPower Fotball Club, trustee of the GirlPower Kids football school for girls) drops calls.

Recall that the owner of “Kinopoisk” is the Russian transnational company “Yandex”, whose head legal entity (joint-stock company Yandex NV) is registered in the Netherlands. The general director of the Yandex group of companies is billionaire Arkady Volozh, a citizen of the Russian Federation and Malta. The post of general director of Yandex in Russia is held by Elena Bunina, director of the School of Data Analysis, professor at Moscow State University, member of the supervisory boards of the Higher School of Economics and ANO Digital Economy.

Aleksey Ivanov

* terrorist organization banned in Russia

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