Oct 20, 2021
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The Russians explained the increase in property tax

The Federal Tax Service (FTS) by the end of October will complete the distribution of tax notifications to the owners of real estate objects: residential premises, garden houses, utility buildings, garages and others. In some cases, the amount of tax for 2020 has changed – even while maintaining the tax rate and cadastral value of objects, according to a message on the department’s website.

Tax officials explained the increase or possible decrease in the amount to be paid. The main reasons may be the following: a change in the reduction coefficient in the tax calculation formula, the application of a 10 percent limit on the annual tax growth and the calculation of tax taking into account the overpayment of the payer for this or other taxes.

Tax authorities automatically take into account overpaid other property taxes and (or) penalties on them, as well as personal income tax, if by the time the property tax is calculated, the tax authority has not received a citizen’s application for offset (refund) of such amounts.

The FTS recommends clarifying the specific reasons for the change in the amount of taxes with the regional tax authorities or the contact center of the department.

Earlier it was reported that in 2022 the amount of tax on apartments in Moscow will increase by 10 percent due to an increase in the cadastral value of real estate. The scale of the increase in the tax burden was revealed by the public ombudsman for forensic examination and cadastral valuation Kirill Kulakov.

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