Apr 19, 2021
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The Russian vaccine is the safest in the world

The Russian vaccine is the safest in the world

British experts have accused the creators of “Sputnik V” in an attempt to undermine the spread of the British vaccine.

There is no way Oxford can regain confidence in their AstraZeneca vaccine. A similar problem is now being experienced by a similar adenovirus-based American vaccine.

Russian scientists from Moscow Research Institute named after Gamaleas, dealt another blow to Western vaccines. They published statementslaziness aboutthat the four-step purification system of their vaccine makes the injection utterly safelyand, and have not yet observedElk cases arising from her thrombosis. Our scholars explainthat the blockage of blood vessels is mainly due to the fact that vacciness insufficiently purified from DNA.

This is a complex, costly process that has not yet been fully mastered by the Western pharmaceutical giants, especially those with no previous experience in vaccine production. In addition, each company tries to extract the greatest benefit, to produce a product at the lowest cost.

Cancellationis anIt is believed that a different adenovirus serotype is used in Russia than that used by Johnson & Johnson, betweenandthere are my vaccines and othersinmany significant differences. On the face difference in the structure of vaccines and during their production.

In the Russian vakcand not several tens of times lower level content nucleinic acid versus products from American “Pfizer” and “Modern”.

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