Apr 19, 2021
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The Russian Premier League did not support the creation of the Super League

Russian Premier League President Sergei Pryadkin announced that the organization opposed the creation of the European Super League. The commentary is quoted by the RPL press service.

According to Pryadkin, the idea of ​​creating a separate tournament, the Super League, “contradicts the basic values ​​of football, does not take into account the interests of the overwhelming majority of clubs, and creates a split in the European football society.”

The RPL President emphasized that “the process of reforming European cups is already taking place under the auspices of UEFA, a calm professional dialogue is underway with the participation of all interested parties.”

Among the initiators of the Superleague were Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​Inter, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester United and other football clubs. Florentino Perez, who previously headed the “Royal Club”, became the president of the league. The authors of the project declare their intention to launch the first season of the Super League in August 2021.

The decision of the clubs was condemned by UEFA. They said that these teams will no longer be able to participate in competitions under the auspices of the Union of European Football Associations, as well as in national tournaments.

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