Sep 11, 2020
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The Russian Ministry of Defense proposed to exclude chemical warfare agents from the list of prohibited

The RF Ministry of Defense proposed to exclude the concept of "chemical warfare agents" from the list of substances, the free sale of which is prohibited. The department explained that all combat poisons in Russia have been destroyed, and it is forbidden to produce or develop new ones.

The changes to the presidential decree of 1992, which approved this list, were published by the ministry on the federal portal of normative legal acts, Interfax reports.

The Office proposes to replace the phrase "chemical warfare agents" with "toxic chemicals related to chemical weapons and their precursors."

The Ministry of Defense also proposed to add to the list of types of products prohibited for free distribution, spare parts and components for protective equipment against chemical weapons.

The authors of the document believe that the absence of such a prohibition "makes it possible to acquire these funds for the purpose of sabotage and terrorist acts using toxic chemicals."

Chemical weapons in Russia, according to the authorities, were destroyed from December 2002 to September 27, 2017 at seven landfills.

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